Republican Leaders in San Diego County Endorse Ted Cruz for President

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Tonight, Senator Ted Cruz will hold a rally for his Presidential campaign at the Town and Country Resort in Mission Valley.  Over 3,000 people have registered to attend, many of whom are local Republican leaders. Senator Cruz has been endorsed by the highest ranking Republican in California, Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey, Assembly Member Marie Waldron and Assembly Member Brian Jones. Over 20 city council members from cities across the County have endorsed Cruz as well.

These Republican leaders have endorsed Ted Cruz for President:

Ronn Hall, Santee
Pamela Hendrickson, Lemon Grove
Frank Hilliker, Lakeside
Jim Kelly, El Cajon
Ron Nehring, El Cajon
Barrett Tetlow, El Cajon
Don Burgett, Escondido
Lee DeMeo, Fallbrook
Deb Lenson, Ramona
Claire Plotner, Fallbrook
Gary Felien, Oceanside
Sherry Hodges, Encinitas
Judy Rees, Carlsbad
Saundra Waecker, Oceanside
Jeannie Foulkrod, San Diego
Lynette Williams, San Diego
Dan Holstein, San Diego
Jordan Marks, San Diego
Bud McLeroy, San Diego
Melory Tsipouria, San Diego
Richard Bailey, Coronado
Jean Roesch, Coronado
Bill Baber, La Mesa
Myssie McCann, Chula Vista
Paula Whitsell, Chula Vista

Senator Cruz is gaining support in California in advance of the June primary. If Donald Trump cannot win 1,237 delegates, Senator Cruz stands a better chance of securing the nomination at the RNC convention. Conventional wisdom suggests that the California primary will determine whether the RNC Cleveland event will be a coronation or a convention. As Trump plays to the media, the Cruz campaign collects delegates with its guerrilla campaign strategy.

The Cruz campaign is steeling for a battle in California. Tonight’s rally, and its impressive list of endorsements, suggests that San Diego County is Cruz country– we’ll know if it works in 7 weeks.


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  1. Cruz, Isn’t that the guy who held multiple events with a preacher who believes that all homosexuals should be executed ? And no, I’m not kidding.

  2. For “Alistair,” the Internet troll, whose comment we just removed…

    Nowhere does this post say that the Republican Party of San Diego County endorsed Ted Cruz. The Party in fact has not endorsed any candidate. That is what the presidential primary process does.

    These are Republicans who have individually endorsed Cruz.

  3. For the record, yes, we do remove comments in violation of our rules. Those include rules against name calling and unsubstantiated allegations. One would have to know the definition of censorship to make a credible charge in that regard. For a private site that gives very free rein in most areas, our policies are very much like that used by major newspapers in disallowing some illegitimate comments from their sites.

  4. “Commenters of all political persuasions are invited to comment and debate on the blog. The general rules are that commenters should be respectful, deal in issues instead of personalities, and stick to the topic. Foul language and name-calling will not be tolerated.”

    This is straight from your own website. In that case you violated your own policy by calling me a “Troll”, perhaps we need to censor you.

    Furthermore, “faceless men” is not a personal attack, but to elevate the discussion that many of the decisions that affect Americans are being made via back room deals — thus marginalizing the power of democracy. You should look up the term faceless men if you knew anything about Australian politics, Thor.

  5. Post

    I don’t see where any reference was made to the Republican Party of San Diego County, the California Republican Party, or the Republican National Committee in this article.

    If I am mistaken, please point it out.

  6. The California Republican Assembly (CRA), the grassroots, Republican, conservative volunteer organization, was very pleased to endorse Senator Ted Cruz for president!
    Sylvia Sullivan
    East County CRA President

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