Report: SD Council District 4 Special Election Is A “Wide Open Contest”

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Changing Demographics Increase Competition, Voter Choice

SAN DIEGO – Though City Council District 4 has been represented by an African American Councilmember for nearly half a century, new demographic trends suggest the next elected representative is equally likely to be Latino, Asian, or another ethnicity. That is the major finding of a new report published by the National University System Institute for Policy Research (NUSIPR).

Earlier this year, the San Diego City Council approved a March 26special election to fill the recent vacancy in the 4th Council District. Using GIS software and data from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters and the United States Census Bureau, NUSIPR conducted a demographic and political analysis of the area. As the Friday filing deadline now approaches for candidates running in the District 4 special election, NUSIPR has released its findings.

Overall, we found that in District 4:

  • The African American population is shrinking. Over the past twenty years, the African American population, which has dominated District elections, has declined 36%.
  • Ethnic diversity is increasing. Due to population growth, Asians and Latinos now outnumber African Americans and Caucasians. Voter registration of Asians & Latinos has also significantly increased in recent years.
  • Voter turnout will be low, and votes will be concentrated geographically. District 4 historically has one of the lowest voting rates in San Diego. Still, Oak Park, Ridgeview-Webster & Paradise Hills are projected to turn out to vote in relatively high numbers.

The complete copy of the report can be found at the NUSIPR website,

About the National University System Institute for Policy Research

Based in San Diego, the National University System Institute for Policy Research, (NUSIPR) is a non-partisan organization that formulates and promotes high quality economic, policy, and public opinion research so as to improve the quality of life enjoyed by the region’s citizens.


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  1. interesting breakdown of the demographic.
    Now – I have comment –
    “…The African American population…has declined 36%…”

    could it have anything to do with Planned Parenthood ?

    I just read that for every 2 black babies, only one is carried to full term while the other baby is aborted at Planned Parenthood.
    Margaret Sanger achieved her dreams –
    to quote – . On the extermination of blacks:
    “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon
    (to read more Margaret Sanger racist Quotes – go to – )

    the fact that our elected Democrat officials and other advocates are pushing the Planned Parenthood agenda is disgusting.

  2. Sanger did advocate for abortion within the poor black population, which is hideous by itself. But, the author of the linked information in the comment above and now Sandvick have taken the Sanger quote out of context. In context, she was saying she didn’t want her goal of reducing the birth of poor, black children via abortion to be construed as wanting to exterminate the overall population. Some may view the two as no different. Fine. Let’s make it clear this is not by any means a defense of Sanger. There is legitimate debate over what her terrible goals were meant to achieve past what she said, which was bad enough. But, again, she did not utter the quote above the way it has been shown. A reading of the entire quote in context may still leave the reader sick in the stomach, but we are all smart enough to decide that on our own without repeating mis-quotes here.

  3. if I took Margaret Sanger’s own words out of context, I stand corrected and truly apologize for any misunderstandings.
    But the fact that she was able – thru her Planned Parenthood org. – to terminate the lives of 20 million black babies (a whole generation) is bad enough.

    That the lives of 3,000 – 3,500 American babies are being terminated every single day (yet they have us focused on saving the lives of prisoners on death row).

    That the Democrat elected officials and their advocates had us all convinced that this very efficient baby killing machine called Planned Parenthood was actually good for America and the people who were not in agreement were racists. Truly disgusting.
    I switched from pro-choice (aka forced-choice) to pro-life because of this agenda.

    But I still believe that women need a choice. A study confirmed that when women go to clinics and see their baby growing inside of them, most of them decide to keep their baby. Planned Parenthood does not do that.

  4. I got off topic when I startled by the decline of the black majority in District 4.
    However – that being said –
    it does not matter the diversity of District 4 –
    what matters is if the residents care about living in America under a constitional republic.
    on last Saturday’s ‘Cashin In’ – Ben Shapiro stated that our constitution is gone and another person exclained – not yet !
    (not yet but when? and why are we not talking about that??)

    – will the people in District 4 elect someone who will stand for the constitution or continue to adhere to the demands of ICLEI (a global foreign entity) (cities have to surrender their sovereignty and allegiance to the constitution when signing a agreement with ICLEI aka Agenda 21)

    one of its biggest cheerleaders is Pamela Bensoussan – obviously her advocacy for ICLEI did not get in the way of her being elected to the Chula Vista CIty Council.. chalk that up to an uneducated voter or a voter who will vote for an ICLEI advocate no matter the cost to their country.

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