ReOpen San Diego announces notice of lawsuit against City of San Diego

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ReOpen San Diego announced late Wednesday it is suing the City of San Diego over its Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

In an email, the group referenced the ordinance passed by the City Council last month that requires vaccinations for public participation including holding elected office and attending city meetings.

Calling the law authoritarian and tyrannical, ReOpen San Diego further stated, “Not only do we believe that this is WRONG, we believe that it is against the City’s Charter, the Constitution of California, and the Constitution of the United States of America. ReOpen San Diego now has a team of lawyers to back us all up!”

The group noted it has retained Aannestad Andelin & Corn to fight the mandates, saying “This is the same law firm that succesfully fought and won to reopen schools in North County.”

Read the letter below. Here is a link to the letter on the ReOpen website.


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  1. ReOpen San Diego will never give up. We will continue to fight against government overreach and dismantling of the United States Constitution under the guise of “state of emergency.”

    We will never, ever, ever, give up.

  2. “Never ever ever give up” and ensure that we will be fighting this pandemic and losing people that didn’t need to die for years to come.

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