Really, We Can’t Make This $#!X Up!

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We’ve gotten Jerry Sanders dropping f-bombs and then it was Ben Hueso doing an impression of Stevie Wonder. Last year, it was SDPD Chief Bill Landsdowne gleefully (my description) aiming his Taser at Councilman Carl DeMaio’s… uh… let’s just say he hit way below the belt.

All of this has been good clean fun in the service of calling attention to the serious business of being the taxpayer’s watchdog with the annual San Diego County Taxpayers Association Golden Fleece and Golden Watchdog Awards. The challenge each year is to figure out a way to up the entertainment quotient from the year before.

This year’s theme made its debut in a preview video today. Props to the SDCTA’s Event Committee for coming up with another winner! Check it out for yourself…

Disclosure: SDCTA is a client of my public relations consulting firm, Falcon Valley Group; no compensation changed hands for this post.


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  1. Post
  2. Richard Rider as ZORRO, the masked swordsman, haunting the Dreams of empire-building politicos and Bureaucracies

  3. Hmmmm…….

    1) The Mayor and former staff members doing a riff on The Apprentice would be exceedingly funny and probably in the realm of doable

    2) I sorta remember they did Survivor already but if not then that could be very funny – especially if they could get the council to vote Carl “off the island”. Backups would be either Peters or Frye. MUST have torches and that darn coconut.

    3) Could you get Fabiani to do a riff on the Hells Kitchen Chef? that would be pretty funny and he actually looks the part.

    4) My funny-but-needs-to-be PC brain can’t come up with things for Rappers, Paris Hilton or the Kardashians but I’m sure others can.

  4. Then out-of-the-sky, on a cloud-of-white, Bonnie Dumanis, our present District Attorney, former Judge and future Mayor of San Diego, says, ‘Stop everything, right now, I’m in charge of this Island, and there will be survivors, but I’m the one that will be your Leader. I’m trustworthy, factual records show that I am the right one and the only one that can lead this group of (okay Bonnie, I brought the topic this far, you take it away and finish what you want to tell the citizens of San Diego). Bonnie Dumanis is the right one to be the Mayor and Leader of San Diego. Go Bonnie! WIN! Lead us the right way with your experience and proven leadership abilities! Thank you, Bonnie!

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