PTAs need to add unions to the abbreviation

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Addressing its significant budget challenges in December, the Sweetwater Union High School District put in a letter, “We have dedicated considerable time and effort to finding solutions by working with as many of our stakeholders as possible including our labor partners, staff, parents and students.”

We find the order of the listed stakeholders a bit odd. Students and parents last, with labor first. That may simply be a choice of words, but Sweetwater has either intentionally or unintentionally hit on a reality.

At one time, PTA was the chosen abbreviation — parent teacher association. Now, the voluntary organizations often include students in the mix — PTSA — as an acknowledgment that the parents and teachers are there for the students, so the young people should be at the table.

But, it’s time to simply and honestly acknowledge that organized public labor unions are in charge of the education process. In many cases, with all the other stakeholders answering to their power, knowingly or not. Even to the point of school districts like Sweetwater on the brink of insolvency.

It’s time for the PTSLA, wherever you place the L.


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  1. Thank you Mr. Gramm. On one hand it seems natural for labor unions to be in positions of control in a top down state controlled institution.

    What seems odd is that families who’d never allow the state to restrict their eating choices to one local restaurant would do so with something as important as their child’s education.

    What strikes me as odd is that families accept paying for these institutions far past the time their children are enrolled and needing the service.

    What I find odd is that a nation inspired by Silicon Valley finds nothing incongruent with the North Korean approach to education.

    It does appear … odd, Republicans and Christians and those identifying as conservative would be content with a system diametrically opposed to their principles just so long as their friends are on the school board.

    In other news … Thousands of children are being indoctrinated in a progressive framework resulting in Democrats gaining more political offices.

    Meanwhile the GOP focuses on battle every four years at the ballot box.

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