Did President Obama Plan A Coup Against President Trump ?

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When I found out that Congress was authorized to #ReleaseTheMemo the other day, I wanted to know three things:

1-What sort of probable cause did the FBI have? If it was just the ramblings of a foreign operative, working for the Clinton campaign, the FBI is tainted. If there is concrete evidence that Carter Page was a foreign plant, then the investigation was justified.

The probable cause for the FISA warrant were two things: opposition research, paid for (as Donna Brazile terms it), the Clinton-controlled DNC and performed by a foreign national with a deep hatred for President Trump.

2- What was the breadth and scope of the FISA warrant? Was it blanket permission to dig and discredit any Trump supporter or was it focused on Page and/or a few key individuals? Did the FBI understand the limited role Page played in the Trump campaign or did it use this back door to go on a witch hunt?

It was focused on Carter Page but was renewed thrice, on recommendation of FBI Director James Comey (who described the Steele Dossier as “salacious and unverified”). Steele (the DNC paid foreign operative) was later discredited and dismissed (by the FBI) when he leaked information to Mother Jones.

3- To what extent was the Obama Admin involved? President Obama claims that he knew of foreign interference months before the election but didn’t want to appear political by releasing the information. Was Obama the recipient of an FBI report or was it ordered by Clapper and/or Brennan?

Susan Rice, Samantha Power, John Brennan, and Ben Rhodes made hundreds of “unmasking requests” for members of the Trump team. The Obama Administration was in on it. While there is no proof that President Obama was behind this, it went pretty high up and into his cabinet.


1-The Clinton campaign team and Obama Administration knew Trump could win the election and, as early as summer of 2016, started to use intelligence agencies and media sources to leak unverified and most likely false information. It didn’t work; Trump won.

2- Post election, FBI agents and DOJ deputies, with clear bias against President Trump, perpetuated the false narrarive and leaked it to the media with a design to discredit or destroy a sitting President.

3-This was an attempted plan to overthrow the Executive Branch of the US Government.

4-If you hate Trump, youll scream that the Nunes memo is a political document but you would be wrong–the FBI is in shambles and has not disputed any of the facts of the memo. The agents resigning this week are screaming that “the agency is politicized” but they are the ones whose bloody footprints lead back to the palace coup.

Nota Bene:  none of those resigning or former agents dispute any of the facts presented in the Nunes memo.

5-If you love Trump. you’ll scream “lock her up” but you’d be targeting the wrong person. An outgoing President tried to stage a coup on a sitting President.

6-The same President who directed his IRS Commissioner to target political opponents pre-2012, used the largest and most powerful police force to overthrow the legitimately elected government

Read it and weep, patriots. The Republic is in shambles.


Nunes  Memo

Chart from Epoch Times


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