Preliminary North County Assembly Maps— Rocky Chavez vs. Sherry Hodges on The Coast— Marie Waldron now the Inland District Republican frontrunner

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The State Redistricting Commission will view these draft maps drawn by their staff this week.  View all of them here for the entire state:

If they are adopted (no certainty!) here’s how they appear to affect North County’s Assembly districts.  Caveat:  These analyses are written on the fly, and the Maps may well be changed later.

First,  the COASTAL District:  Runs north/south from Oceanside to Carlsbad to Encinitas and Solana Beach, also Vista to the east.  That means recent  State Veterans Secretary Rocky Chavez of Oceanside competing with legislative aide and ex-school board member Sherry Hodges of Encinitas for the GOP nod to succeed Martin Garrick.

INLAND DISTRICT: Good news here for Escondido Councilwoman Marie Waldron who becomes the instant Republican front-runner.  This district is anchored by Escondido, then goes north and east to places like Fallbrook,  Ramona and Alpine.  Term-limited Kevin Jeffries of Riverside (AD 66) has some of these rural areas, so it would be an Open Seat opportunity for Marie Waldron.

The Olive-Drab color district looks like the descendant of Martin Garrick’s 74th Assembly district.  To the east, the Light Green district includes Escondido, then swings north and east, picking up a lot of Kevin Jeffries’ 66th AD, now based in Riverside.



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  1. Clearly this is Jerry Kern’s if he wants it. I hear Mark Muir is looking seriously also. Plenty of room for a SD candidate with RB roots in that inland district that includes Escondido too.

  2. What do you get when you combine really smart with history and experience? More great analysis and insight from Jim Sills.

  3. It looks to me like the inland district does NOT include Rancho Bernardo because that is in the city of San Diego…. Also, having candidates with local city council elected experience is best for representation – Waldron, Kern would be best choices.

  4. I probably should’ve made that clearer. These maps put
    Rancho Bernardo in the Nathan Fletcher successor dis-
    trict within San Diego City. And Thanx for the feedback,

  5. I like the fact that San Marcos and Escondido are together and include points north and east. The inland cities like Poway, Escondido, San Marcos do not have issues similar to the coast. No bluff erosion, no coaster train, however inland deals with a different economy and environmental issues also.

  6. The party has a great opportunity to get two solid, tested local elected officials from the farm team to move up to the State Assembly: Marie Waldron in the inland district and Jerry Kern in the coastal district. Both pro-business, fiscal conservatives. We need to back them and then move on to the other districts that might have multiple R’s running to weed out the best ones there.

  7. Major thanks to John Wainio of the San Diego Group for alerting SD Rostra
    to the availability of these maps. Thank you, John !

  8. I think Escondido should also include Rancho Bernado, Rancho Penasquitos, and San Pasqual. They have much more in common with San Marcos & Escondido than Alpine. The back country would be better staying in Brian Jones district. It looks like the rural eastern parts of the county and North Inland got thrown into a “catch all” district.

    * Hueso’s looks like it might be like Steve Peace’s AD from the 80’s?

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