Politics Roundup for Monday, October 27, 2014

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Make your selections!…

The Rostra/FlashReport San Diego General Election Contest — Make your selections!

TODAY is the Anniversary of “A Time for Choosing”…

Rostra: Reagan’s speech defined conservatism for 50 years

Peters-DeMaio Battle…

BreitbartCA: CAIR Hosts San Diego Candidates at Islamic Center Debate

ABC News: A Brief History of the Craziest Congressional Campaign of the Year

KPBS: Outside Groups Pump Millions Into Peters-DeMaio Contest

ICYMI: Cate vs. Kim for San Diego City Council…

Voice Podcast: Where Chris Cate Stands on Four Major City Issues

Voice Podcast: Where Carol Kim Stands on Four Key San Diego Issues

Rostra: Lincoln Club video: Carol Kim didn’t vote


SDUT’s Steve Greenhut: Most California voters faced with low drama, high stakes

Seaside Courier: Commentary: Is silly (err, election) season over yet?

Voice: Council Considers Hedging Civic San Diego’s Bets

SDUT: Familiar face expected to nab North County legislative post

SDUT: Logan Jenkins: NIMBYs are salt of North County earth

WND: Dinesh D’Souza told no to travel while under house arrest in San Diego

Reader: Gladiator outfit over the line in Hillcrest

SDUT Election Coverage…

South County City Races

East County City Races

East County Elections

A bunch of races – U-T Politics page

News Roundups…

Voice: Morning Report for today

FlashReport: Today’s Headlines from around the state

Rostra: Yesterday’s Politics Roundup


Republican Voter Guide for San Diego County

Lincoln Club of SD Endorsements

BreitbartCA: Jon Fleischman: Beyond the Propaganda: How I’m Voting on California Propositions


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  1. Post

    It’s a conspiracy, dontcha know? Nope, we don’t see or pick up everything. But, especially not a regurgitated article that one media entity picked up from another one which ran it three days ago, after that one found out about it from another (without giving credit), in which case we duly included it in a VoiceofSD morning report last week.

    We also didn’t include this article from March about the star witness in the article you reference…

  2. Yeah…that’s why.. 🙂

    The whole raison-d’etre’ DeMaio claims he fired Bosnich was the “blame for the plagiarism”…this account supports that DeMaio was the originator of the plagiarism…I didn’t graduate from Journalism school, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night..that would seem newsworthy, and significant especially for those at the “epicenter” of the coverage…

    As for the star witness, what precisely is your point? Can DeMaio not plagiarize because some one smoked marijauna? Is Bosnich not credible because his claim is corroborated by this witness? If that were true, then we shouldn’t believe a thing DeMaio says; he misled Richard Rider and Claire Reise using false email avatars and disinformation, he’s embellished his “reform” creds, even having the former SD mayor claiming “its all bullsh&t,” and he was caught/filmed red-handed attempting to vandalize an opponents campaign signs on his own property…

    What is a really good question is why are people still carrying the political water for this disappointment?

  3. Post

    “…what precisely is your point?”

    The point is that some may think a DUI followed by marijuana possession might call into question her credentials, yet although we saw the article about her past we didn’t reference it. It seemed irrelevant. We also could have ignored linking to the Voice Morning Report the day it had the original sourced article about her claim, but we opted to include it. Why wouldn’t we? Judgement calls all and not based in perfection.

    But an even greater point is that no one actually thinks the articles we link to or not — often determined from a quick, incomplete scan of major local sources, nothing more — is going to win or lose an election.

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