Politico: Issa defends himself from accusations of ‘gay-baiting’; calls for Krvaric’s resignation

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Carla Marinucci at Politico has a nice summary of the fallout over the last few days, including Darrell Issa saying he would demand that local GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric resign.

LOS ANGELES — Former Rep. Darrell Issa is facing fierce backlash over a controversial new campaign ad that critics say is “gay-baiting” against his opponent in a competitive congressional primary.

But Issa — who is mounting a bid to return to the House two years after retiring from the chamber — is strongly defending the attack ad, which prominently notes that his fellow Republican, Carl DeMaio, is gay.

Rostra comment: This Donnybrook may get even more heated in the weeks ahead.

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  1. I have not seen Issa’s ad but have viewed DiMaio’s ad. Both throw dirt at each other.
    I was a volunteer on Carl’s mayoral campaign years ago and was hoping he would win. He had commonsense ideas, although he publicly declared at a townhall, my solution to help with San Diego’s economic crisis as unfeasible. I still voted for him.
    During Carl DiMaio’s previous campaign against Rep. Scott Peters, I was planning to vote for Carl and hoping to read he wanted to fight for limiting gov’t spending/slash deficit, etc,
    But I read something to the effect that Carl wanted to be the first openly gay Congressman. That turned me off and I voted for Scott Peters.

  2. Can you help put the police dept’s fully staffed in S.D. county before homeless are compensated from our 49 other states, whose 75% live in our S.D. county? Priorities

  3. The 50th Congressional District… a few thoughts:
    For those of you DeMaio followers who blindly stand away from the truth here’s a few points to consider:
    1. Darrell Issa did NOT abandon his post in Congress; President Trump offered him an appointment to better serve his country. During this time DeMaio was a complete “Never Trumper”. Dozens of times he called our President “Rude, Crude, and unacceptable”. While he was badmouthing our President Carl DeMaio also lost millions of dollars when he took over the Gas Tax Repeal initiative and gave it the “Carl” brand.
    2. Darrell is indeed Pro-life, and Carl DeMaio has been Pro-Abortion for years, the quote from his last congressional run was very public and easy to find, “I’m a gay pro-choice Republican”; Irrefutable. Now Carl is trying to tout being Pro-Life, yet stands behind Roe vs Wade.
    3. In the 50th we enjoy the highest concentration of Veterans, Military Retirees, Active duty Military and DOD employees of any district in the State of CA. Darrell Issa is the ONLY Veteran running and while he was in Congress he took dozens of trips overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan to visit the troops and offer support (I know, I am one of them). Conversely, Carl DeMaio (the self-proclaimed “fighter”) was a military aged male when 9/11 happened (so was Brian Jones for that matter), yet instead of raising their hands and swearing an oath to support and defend our Constitution then pick up a rifle and stand next to the likes of me they both decided to continue pursuing politics. Personally I don’t want someone representing me in Congress that has never sworn an oath stating our Country and Constitution is more important then their own life. While it doesn’t make anyone a coward if they never served in uniform, it shows who is really ready to “fight” for our Country.
    DeMaio has zero in common with the average conservative in this district, his voting record (during his short stint in the San Diego City council) absolutely showed him to be a clear-cut pro-tax, anti-law enforcement, liberal. Now as the polls show Carl’s losing, we get to sit back and watch this angry little liberal come unhinged and get desperate. He does not belong in Congress and clearly has nothing in common with the thousands of Veterans in this district. Carl, if you want to run for Congress, stay in the district where you live, join the Democrat Party (where you belong), and seek anger management therapy. Or you can stay around for another losing campaign (how many times have you lost millions of donor dollars so far? 4 or 5?). Clearly Carl’s on another Suicide mission.

  4. Descanso,

    No one dislikes Carl DeMaio or wants to keep him away from elected office more than I do. However, you lose all credibility when you state he is “clear-cut pro tax.”

    There are so many reasons to vote against DeMaio and you outlined a few, but I fear that no one will believe anything you wrote after you make a statement that is so easily proven false.

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