PETA protests new Shamu show at SD Sea World, but leaves question unanswered

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Four members of PETA who dressed up in Orca whale costumes were arrested yesterday at San Diego’s Sea World when they laid in the middle of Sea World Drive for at least an hour blocking traffic. Protest aside, PETA leaves a key question unanswered: where else is an orca whale going to get a job?  Shamu is gainfully employed in a county with over 10% unemployment.  Therefore it seems more than a wee bit insensitive to unemployed San Diegans to have folks protest an orca whale making it big in  the aquatic show business–in the Hollywood of the aquatic show business nonetheless.

Lenin once said that “capitalists will sell us the rope with which we hang them.”  Now it appears that whale huggers will sell each other escalating politically correct gobbledygook that will eventually put themselves out of business. Sea World says the upcoming whale show, “One Ocean,” is themed around the idea that humans have to share the ocean with its natives.  PETA counters Sea World’s politically correct drivel, which relegates humans to the level of barnacles, with a much simpler slogan found on their signs: “Shut Down Sea World.”

It seems Shamu has a pretty sweet gig here in San Diego.  Instead of protesting Shamu’s job, PETA should contact the Labor Council’s Lorena Gonzalez to hook up Shamu with an unsustainable but delicious pension for when the whale retires.


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  1. Ryan, what kinda stupid post is this?
    Ha e you forgotten the women employee that was killed by SeaWorld’s own killer whale and the proven cover up and fines they had to pay for underminding the investagation. And 3 more whales have died since then also.
    Bringing in the “human” unemployement issue into all of this is insensitive on YOUR part!
    SeaWorld is laying off their employee when they could shift gears and turn their park into a cruelty free park for families.and keep there employee working.
    These Peta protester are telling the truth and SeaWorld is side stepping the issue and hoping they don’t continue to get caught in their own pile of S#!T. I don’t think they can afford anymore fines for getting caughting in tampering and harrassing their own emplyees during an investagation in the death of one of their own employee. Why didn’t you pull up those facts! And the employee in their own H.R. Department who were told to hide files from investagators!
    Now That is how LOW SeaWorld is!! Real SCUM

  2. Sea World got caught and fines for covering up during the investsgtion of one of their own employees who got killed by their whales. How low is that! Sea World are real scum bags!

  3. We sure are glad, however, that those opposed to Sea World use fish to check their spelling and grammar.

  4. Post
  5. I notice that all of you forgot about the death of that employee and deaths of the whales! Shame on YOU for leaving out the FACTS!
    What other side? It wasn’t presented in this blog.
    Watch the movie The Cove! And then go blog about it.
    Sea World is Scum! The wanted to blame that girl for her own death until they found out their was video of it taken by visitors at the park.
    Shame on Sea World!

  6. Thor:
    Grammar , that is All you can come up with!
    Ryan, You can’t take it when someone else beings up the other side of this issue? Shame on you! Freedom is what I believe in.
    I am sure their will be other blogs that you write that we both will agree on.. but this just isn’t one of them.
    But, I beleive in your freedom and blogs. Sorry about the misspelled words, this I-phone has a small key pad on it.
    Not against you as a person.

  7. No, I can also come up with this:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling! It’s Sea World’s fault!

  8. Post

    Freedom: I didn’t even address your comments. But since you ask, they have been the absolute highlight of my day… and I was already having a great day.
    I knew that the call to “civil discourse”, which was really a call to censorship, wouldn’t last. Look at Freedom calling all kinds of people “scum” and cursing. The First Ammendment is alive and well. I, for one, couldn’t be happier.
    Ya Know: Amen.

  9. I can be found later picketing Iowa Meat Farms on Mission Gorge where an insider just told me they are literally butchering animals left and right.

  10. Great commentary Mr. Purdy but I have a feeling, though, that Lorena’s not going to take lightly her association with an over-employed Orca.

  11. If we could all take a minute and step back from the political bickering that is going on in this comment section please? I don’t care if you are for PETA or against what they stand for. We all need to address this very important issue of delicious whale meat. There are starving kids in Africa that have no whale meat to eat. Here we are the typical “decadent American” enjoying a precious natural resource (i.e whale meat) as a form of entertainment! When Africans have no whales to watch jump through hoops let alone enjoy in a Buca Di Peppo style family style restaurant. Just think of all the nourishment those skinny Africans could get from one Shamu, Kasatka, or Takara??? A whole whale could theoretically feed an entire village! WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

    Please, I implore you to reconsider this partisan hatred and think of the Africans! It’s not like we can’t go hunt down these whales with explosive tipped harpoons in the open water! We can always grow more whales!!!

  12. Wow, this “animal activist” lunatic REALLY has the WORST grammar I have ever seen. Go back to the 3rd grade and learn what really matters in life, honey! The whales will be just fine!

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