Pension Reform Goes “Door to Door”

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Mayoral Candidate Carl DeMaio has made pension reform his top priority – and has completely refocused his campaign’s energies on signature collection efforts. He has spent the past three months logging hundreds of hours in front of supermarkets, street fairs and other events – helping collect signatures to put his Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) Ballot Measure up for a public vote in the June 2012 election.

In preparation for the final push, DeMaio has added volunteer weekend “Signature Walks” in addition to his “Signature Storms” and other CPR signature collection efforts.  DeMaio and the CPR team need to collect more than 95,000 signatures from registered San Diego voters by the October 14 deadline.

“I am not waiting to be Mayor to get things done – and reforming unsustainable and indefensible pension payouts for city employees is my top priority,” noted DeMaio in explaining the significant investment of his personal time in collecting signatures.

The addition of “Signature Walks” this Saturday and September 17 and 24 are expected to bring in thousands of additional signatures.  At a typical “Signature Storm” in front of a retail store, DeMaio and his team usually collect more than 500 signatures – and DeMaio personally interacts with roughly 1,000 San Diegans to hear their concerns and answer their questions.

DeMaio’s increased efforts come as local government labor unions have continued waging an unprecedented opposition campaign using deceptive radio ads and paid “blockers” designed to scare and intimidate voters away from signing the petition.

“We cannot allow the government labor bosses to block pension reform – and I’m prepared to do everything I possibly can to ensure that San Diegans have the right to vote on reforming the pension system in this upcoming city election,” DeMaio concluded.

DeMaio co-authored the Pension Reform Ballot Measure and is part of a broad-based coalition of taxpayer, business, and neighborhood groups working collaboratively to qualify and pass the measure.

Saturday, September 10, “Signature Walk”: 16935 W. Bernardo Drive; 8:30am (end 4:30)
Saturday, September 10, “Signature Storm”: Rancho Bernardo Vons from 10am to 4pm


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  1. First, Luke, move to San Diego. Reregister to vote here. THEN sign this city pension. Not before! But thanks for being supportive.

    If we pass this measure, it will have positive repercussions for cities throughout the region — and the state and country, for that matter. THAT’s why the unions are in warfare mode. They know.

  2. Luke, in case that’s not clear, the CPRI is a City of San Diego effort, at the present. One must be registered to vote in SD to sign the petition.

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