Party over Principles: More Game-Playing from San Diego GOP

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“Local Republican Party chair Tony Krvaric continues to play the political games that helped drive Nathan Fletcher from the party last month. In an email to San Diego Republicans Tony Krvaric distorted the facts and misled voters. It’s shameful. This kind of game playing isn’t new. After Nathan switched the San Diego Republican Party sued Nathan to recover their money after major donors who committed to sponsor the party’s annual Lincoln-Reagan day dinner withdrew sponsorships of $5,000 after the party endorsed Carl DeMaio. This is the kind of behavior that drives people away from the party.”

Amy Thoma
Nathan Fletcher for Mayor

“As a Republican  and leader in the business community these types of childish games are exactly what is wrong with the current partisan political system. It is an embarrassment.”

Scott Dickey, CEO, Competitor Group, Inc*

“Tony Kravaric doesn’t understand the difference between partisanship and principles.  He would rather play petty games instead of developing solutions to move San Diego forward. Major Republican donors in the business community are tired of their commitment to the extremes and no longer support their games playing.  Nathan Fletcher’s positions are clear.  However, this isn’t about positions, its about games.  All Republicans should be embarrassed by party insiders like Tony Krvaric.  I know I am.”

Keith Jones, President, ACE Parking*

“Nathan has always done what he believes in his heart is right. That is why I supported him early for Mayor and why I stand with him today. The people of San Diego will be well served by him as their Mayor.”

Assemblyman Brian Nestande, Assembly Republican Caucus Chair

”…but attacking Nathan’s character is taking it too far. Nathan’s character, tested in battle in Iraq and Africa, is rock solid. Nathan is the same person he was a week ago. None of his positions changed and he remains one of the most honest, hard-working and smartest members of the Legislature. He will make a great mayor. His accomplishments in the legislature speak for themselves: he authored Chelsea’s Law, a groundbreaking, difficult piece of legislation to pass, held the line against higher taxes and authored regulatory relief for small business… It’s telling that so many of us who know Nathan still stand with him. Governor Wilson, Assembly Leader Conway, Senator Anderson, Senator Wyland, Republican Caucus Chairman Brian Nestande and thousands of others are fully behind Nathan and believe he is the person best-positioned to move San Diego forward.

Tony Strickland (Fletcher Best-Positioned to Move San Diego Forward,, 4/5/12)

The Republican Party Plays Petty Games:

  • Major donors who committed to sponsor the party’s annual Lincoln-Reagan day dinner withdrew sponsorships of $5,000 after the party endorsed Carl DeMaio, then the party sued Fletcher to recover their money.
  • Krvaric sent out a “hit piece” email excoriating Fletcher for missing a vote on a bill that passed the Assembly by a margin of 50-23, on an issue which Fletcher already clearly established his position by opposing similar legislation last year. (SB 829 – Rubio). Former Assembly Republican Leader Martin Garrick was absent and missed the vote as well. Will Krvaric attack him?

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  1. Amy, did Nathan and other sponsors receive a benefit from the Dinner? If all the parties did in fact receive a benefit, are they not obligated to pay? Is the only reason for failing not to pay the fact Nathan didn’t get the endorsement? I don’t think that’s a valid reason not to pay your invoice. From what I recall, the dinner was a week before the endorsement vote, and Nathan was present, therefore received a benefit. Thus he should have to pay. And it has been well past 30 days from the date of the event. I’d call his invoice past due. Please tell me where I’m wrong on this.

  2. Now they are throwing a supporter, Martin Garrick, under the bus to deflect attention off Nathan. Who won’t the Fletcher bus run over in the self interest?

    Stay Classy Amy Thoma!

  3. Ms. Thoma-

    Was Assemblyman Fletcher a gold sponsor at the Lincoln Reagan dinner? Was his name on the program? Did he allow people to sit at his designated table? Did he attend the VIP reception with his wife Mindy? Did he and Mindy eat the over cooked potatoes and dry steak? How much did he pay for all of these benefits? When did he pay for them?

  4. Reminds me of the line from The Dark Knight, if you will allow me to paraphrase and reverse it…

    “Not the Pres Secretary Nathan Fletcher needs, but the Press Secretary Nathan Fletcher deserves.”

  5. “the dinner was a week before the endorsement vote, and Nathan was present”

    Mr Fletcher addressed the body, as did Mrs Dumanis. Collecting a debt, especially one made in a voluntary transaction, isn’t petty Mr Fletcher.

    The lesson Mr. Krvaric should take from Mr Jones (ACE Parking) is the one Mr Jones’ practices in his business; get the money upfront. I suppose that no good deed goes unpunished.

    Most importantly Mr Fletcher, you made it abundantly clear that you choose not to run as a Republican. That makes you an opponent, just like Bob Filner. The SDGOP is committed to defeating its opponents. That may sting, considering your long history of supporting, and more importantly, receiving support from the SDGOP, but you are now an opponent to be defeated.

    I”m sorry you chose to place yourself in an adversarial position.

  6. The San Diego GOP fairly and squarely endorsed Carl DeMaio over Nathan Fletcher. Nathan Fletcher then showed his loyalty to the SD Republican Party by leaving it (which would have supported him like they are supporting Carl DeMaio, had Fletcher won the endorsement, as DeMaio did). And if there was no claim by the SDGOP to the $5,000 the Fletcher campaign was sued for, why did the Fletcher campaign settle the suit so quickly for the $5,000?

  7. Not surprising that Krvaric thinks he’s above political consequences for his party’s political decisions. Did he not think that the party would lose support – financial and otherwise – as a result of a decision that at least half of his own party members disagree with.

    Much like Krvaric tells Fletcher about the consequences of leaving the party, Krvaric needs to maturely deal with the realities of his party’s choices.

  8. As was posted before, anyone with a shred of political wisdom can’t help but see the political games Fletcher is playing. NY Times columnist that spends 3 minutes reading a story may think otherwise and eagerly bash the GOP (while amusingly calling DeMaio an “orthodox conservative” LOL).

    However, those in the know, can see it all too clearly. Below is a respected fiscal conservative Steve Greenhut of Cal Watchdog, delivering a brutally accurate description of the Fletcher move.

    “In reality, Fletcher is simply a self-serving political climber without serious ideas, someone who will seemingly say or do anything to advance his political interests. He touted his Republican credentials when it helped him and now he blames the GOP — which long tolerated his focus-group-tested voting record. He has long been an ally of public-sector unions.

    With the two other candidates, Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner, what you see is what you get. DeMaio is a real-deal fiscal reformer who wants to reform pensions and rein in government bloat. Filner is a union guy who will do the bidding of liberal interest groups. Fletcher is just following the Blueprint of Political Hackery — offend no one, speak in bland generalities, kiss up to the right interest groups, show up at the right events, take no chances, expend no political capital for ideas other than the one guiding idea of his life, support whatever causes or parties you need to support to get ahead.”

  9. As I have said to many who know me – “Nathan is about Nathan and nothing else”, he must be very Happy that the GOP electeds are still endorsing him. Hopefully, an elected supporter will post on SDROSTRA on why they (as a whole or individually) are still endorsing him.

    A good source said that when they challenged the elected officials about the endorsements, one said that he is a “good candidate”, another said he is still endorsed by Pete Wilson. Hmmm. It should be noted by anyone who funds candidates/electeds. Just a thought. And I totally understand if this is never posted because of sources not being exposed.

  10. Nathan Fletcher is political hack masquerading as some noble hero-like leader (with a Jim Jones like cult-following), if he was not running for Mayor, then his background wouldn’t matter.

    The problem is, Nathan Fletcher is running for mayor. And the more you get to know Nathan Fletcher, the more you know he is a facade.

    He claims to put principles over politics, but all he is really known for doing the last 14 years he has worked in politics is play a VERY calculated political game. And that wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so obvious to the viewing audience.

    But the problem is it is BLATANTLY obvious.

    The moment I knew something was off about Nathan Fletcher is when he sent out a campaign email about adopting his first child. Taking something so personal, and putting it up to the campaign world is distasteful and also opportunistic.

    The REAL story is not about how the GOP is bad and he was kicked out, the REAL story is that Nathan Fletcher is quite possibly the biggest sham in San Diego history. A processed, retooled, always changing, narcissist with no core values, at all.

    And Amy Thoma, there is still time to not ruin your professional career, just not much.

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  12. “Not surprising that Krvaric thinks he’s above political consequences for his party’s political decisions. Did he not think that the party would lose support – financial and otherwise – as a result of a decision that at least half of his own party members disagree with.”

    A quick point; it takes 2/3 vote of the Central Committee to endorse which is more than half. Also, from this story:

    “DeMaio, who was endorsed by the local Republican Party earlier this month, dominates among Republicans, self-described conservatives and those whose top issue is reforming the city’s pension plan. DeMaio helped craft Proposition B on the June ballot that would replace pensions with 401(k)s for most new city hires and has called it the centerpiece of his campaign.”

    “Dominates suggests” much more than half to me.

    Let me address the consequences comment, though. There is a LOT of NEW money coming into the SDGOP. I’ve met business owners who are throwing their money at the SDGOP BECAUSE of Carl.

    Carl represents a new breed of San Diego Republican who doesn’t bow to the altar of crony-capitalism. These business owners see a candidate who pushes free market principles. They like that Carl wants to cut regulations to create jobs rather than to take from taxpayers, to bribe businesses, in hopes they bring jobs here.

    “Much like Krvaric tells Fletcher about the consequences of leaving the party, Krvaric needs to maturely deal with the realities of his party’s choices”

    Those consequences seem to be increased Republican voter registration, record levels of fundraising, and an enthusiasm for a freedom agenda rather than one focused on corporate welfare. We’ll find out soon enough.

    In the meantime, I hope Tony continues to ask those, for whom services were rendered, to pay what they promised to pay for those services.

  13. Honestly, it’s a shame this is still even being debated and talked about.

    This is coming from someone who has perpetuated the way of words with their camp.

    That said, the disingenuous behavior perpetrated by Fletcher and his staff is quite honestly sickening.

    It may all seem like fun and games and creative jabs at the other side. But I do believe that this is one of the greatest shams and frauds SD has seen to enter it’s political arena.

    He’s thrown an entire party under the bus to continue to perpetrate his message of lies and deceit.

    Any and all commentary on Fletcher and his staff continuing to perpetuate his message of lies and deceit should be welcome and promoted not by only Republicans, but conservatives as well.

    He’s not your friend, he’s not a hero and he’s the worst of what people think of politics.

  14. “A quick point; it takes 2/3 vote of the Central Committee”

    Mr. Brady: Another quick point; the Party is much bigger that the 60+ who sit in a hotel conference room in Rancho Bernardo once a month – say, for example, all of those registered voters you just mentioned. To expect anything other than for some of those donors/volunteers/et al. to defect with their resources (regardless of what “new” stuff is coming in) is to be naive of political reality. Fletcher didn’t fail the Committee, the Committee failed the Party.

  15. Fletcher has paid his $5K debt to the GOP, says Matt Potter at the Reader:

    “The campaign fund of San Diego mayoral candidate and state Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who last month left the Republican Party and proclaimed his political independence, today gave $5,000 to the Republican Party of San Diego County, which has endorsed his rival, San Diego city councilman Carl DeMaio. . .

    “Update: We’ve just talked to Thoma, who says that the contribution was made to settle a lawsuit filed in small claims court here by local Republicans against the Fletcher camp.

    “According to Thoma’s account, an individual donor had pledged to make a contribution to the county GOP on Fletcher’s behalf, but when the party endorsed DeMaio, the would-be contributor declined to turn over the money.”

  16. Approximately 105,000 registered SD Republican voters elected those GOP Central Committee members at the June 2010 state primary election. In the 75th Assembly district, for instance, Tony Krvaric finished 1st in a field of 12 candidates, with 18,255 votes.

    See all those results detailed at this link:

    The elected San Diego Central Committee is a fair representative of rank-and-file Republicans. Repeat: 105,000 SD County Republicans elected them. Pretending they are somehow 60 self-chosen rulers is disingenuous…. at best.

  17. Realities of how the SDGOP Committee elections work in practice, as opposed to principle, aside. If the Committee proports to be a “fair representative of rank-and-file Republicans”, then how is it that >2/3 of the Committee supports DeMaio, when roughly 61% of SD Republicans support another candidate ( Well gee Jim, something just doesn’t quite add up there.

    But to be fair, let me ammend my previous statement: Fletcher didn’t fail the *elected* Committee, the *elected* Committee failed the Party.

  18. Seems to me that it is the failure of the Krvaric-Nehring regime that our San Diego Republican Party has been overtaken by the Democrats in voter registration. What sort of representation is that?

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