Otay Water District Approves Health Care For Life: U-T

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From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The Otay Water District voted Friday to extend lifetime retiree health benefits to district managers and their spouses, and could do the same for a larger group of employees in a month.

The Board of Directors voted 4-1 to approve the new benefits. Board member Mark Robak cast the lone dissenting vote. He noted that the district did not release a key financial analysis of the action in backup material provided with the board’s agenda.

Read all of the San Diego Union-Tribune story by its Watchdog unit by clicking here.

Kudos to the U-T and Watchdog for bringing this story to light. Here’s my earlier post on the subject.


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  1. Increase in benefits is always nice, but what happens when the agency no longer can afford it? The taxpayers get hit, but it doesn’t matter to the agency because those people are no longer in office that voted for it. What do I mean? Just look at the City of Bell. They gave their manager and council members unbelievable salaries and assuming the mess doesn’t get settled in court, taxpayers from other cities and agencies will end up paying the tab. Politicians can promise the world, but it’s the future that will have to come up with a way to pay for that.

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