Of Staplers And Leases And The San Diego County GOP

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Dave Maass, the Favoritist Liberal™ of conservatives and Libertarians, points out a SD CityBeat story by John R. Lamb about a big-name alleged bad tenant: The Republican Party of San Diego County.

The county GOP, according to Lamb, ditched its digs on Oberlin Drive at the end of December, with six months to go on its lease:

“You wouldn’t believe what they ditched in the trash bin!” said Antoine Georges, who’s owned the building for 20 years. “Thousands of things. Office supplies, staplers— maybe 30 or 40 staplers, the big kind for campaign work—pots and pans, boxes and boxes of stuff, even brand-new live plants! It was just mind-boggling. . .”

Moreover, they left the place in disrepair:

“The place is trashed!” he said. “It needs new carpet. The walls need to be repaired because they literally glued campaign signs to the wallpaper. And they still left a bunch of stuff behind! Empty file cabinets, furniture. And they never returned the keys, so now I have to have all the locks changed.”

There’s more about the county GOP’s financial woes and the role of San Diego County Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric:

Krvaric wouldn’t say much on the subject, but Georges suspects that the GOP has effectively shut down operations, perhaps for the next few months. Some Republicans have received notices that the headquarters is now operating out of Krvaric’s financial-planning office in Rancho Bernardo, which would seem to create all sorts of logistics issues, like who’s paying the rent—and who owns the staplers.

Hmmmmmmmm . . . SD Rostra readers with knowledge of the alleged events and facts described in this story are welcome to chime in with their info in the comments.


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  1. Ok, so what we have is a lessee-lessor disagreement of some kind. Wow, first time that’s ever happened. Then, we have one of the two parties overly willing to talk about all if it from his perspective, including his opinion of some things that really have nothing do with the lease contract. Then, we have the other party that’s not going to discuss it, because it really is a disagreement over a private contract. But, of course, the party that — rightfully — won’t discuss it then looks bad because he won’t, mostly because the other guy is willing to spout off to the media about the whole thing. It makes for sordid reading, doesn’t it, therefore we must be on to something. BTW, I don’t have any knowledge of any of it, but do understand in a contract disagreement why the more professional of the parties may not be inclined to discuss the details.

  2. Aren’t the financials of the party public knowledge? I believe they read it at the monthly meeting and I do not recall anyone in a panic because the number in the checking account was zero.

  3. Post

    That is what’s called a non-denial denial. Since by your own admission you “don’t have any knowledge of it”, you have no way of knowing which of the parties have behaved more professionally.

    If the landlord’s story is true, why should the landlord keep quiet about it? He’s performing a public service by letting other landlords and local Republicans know.

    If his story is false, the facts should disprove the landlord’s account, and the county GOP should eagerly give those facts.

  4. There’s quite frankly nothing for me to deny, as I do know nothing about it. The building owner is apparently saying he will sue the GOP if necessary. Good for him. But, I do have an opinion about the professionalism of the entity in any situation that knows not to discuss the matter given the potential of litigation, no matter how badly they may want to defend themselves in the media. Maybe the GOP is right, maybe they are wrong…I don’t know…I just don’t believe that a news story — no matter how sordid on the surface — should be the cause of an automatic “aha!” when one side isn’t discussing the matter for very likely legal reasons. I do have no doubt that Central Committee members will be asking the right questions.

  5. Barry says or implies this is a simple lessee-lessor disagreement. Please! Nice try covering up for a thug of the first order.

    Truth be known ever since Krvaric became Chairman in 2006, he has wanted out of the lease. So where is all the documentation of all these safety and health violations that have occurred over the years? Hmmm? Maybe thrown away in their haste to vacate. As my mother use to say, “a picture is worth a 1,000 words.” Today video doesn’t lie either. Neither does retrieving goodies from the dumpster.

    And when the move is initiated, they move into Krvaric’s office spaces. How convenient for Krvaric. Aside from being a hugh conflict of interest, I wonder what % of that $4,088. check represents the total monthly rent for Krvaric office spaces? Maybe while there one could request to see the letter President Reagan personally wrote to Krvaric. It has become quite evident that Krvaric’s behavior mimics why he is referred to as an AINO (American in name only).

    As President Hosni Mubarak is quickly learning in Egypt that he can’t be President for life by conducting sham elections, Mr. Krvaric should know that while the wheels of justice indeed grind slow and fine, Lady Justice has him on a list for a visit. Hope he’s home.

    Now I wonder what those dedicated volunteers, if any, and more importantly the donor base thinks about how their money is being utilized; e.g., the Tom Sudberry’s of the world who have supported this individual while knowing full well the truth?

    Talk about a complete lack of economy of management with all the supplies and equipment being thrown away! How many thousands of $$$$ does this represent? But so much for accountability and transparency in the local Republican Party with who’s been in charge as Chairman for life.

    Like thieves in the night sneaking out without even a “by your leave” on their way and then being dishonest in their intentions. So much for honesty, integrity, and moral clarity.

    And so much for promoting a good example and being held to a higher standard as Chairman. Not very surprising if you look at the individual involved. A simple Google check of the name Krvaric will reveal much that is not right. The complete opposite of a “we the people” individual. An absolute disgrace! Oh yes, while he talks the talk, no one holds him accountable for his actions. How is this possible? Simple. Krvaric respects the rule of law so much that he willfully violates the party bylaws and doesn’t inform the Central Committee members to get their approval beforehand.

    Solution: Krvaric should resign immediately for the good of the party. But hey this isn’t about the greater good. It’s all about Tony “the Thug” Krvaric, who serves more for his own limited self-interests and self-aggrandizement, surviving impending investigations and lawsuits.

  6. I wonder if they were literally feeding grapes to each other and giggling uncontrollably while they (Michael Crimmins and Kevin Davis) lounged around writing the above post.

  7. Roger,

    No disrespect meant but your rant was among the craziest things I’ve read on here in a long, long time.

    * I assume you have some sort of access to the GOP files, so that you know or don’t know what records they kept on conditions? If so please post.

    * ‘Lady Justice’ is coming calling for Krvaric? Maybe you could also provide some documentation on that little insight?

    * I don’t really care where the GOP operates out of. I assume that their Board of Directors made the decision to move to Krvaric’s office. Do you have information otherwise?

    * You say Krvaric willfully violates the by-laws. Again… you lead with your mouth, but I really don’t see any backup.

    I mean really: so you want the ELECTED Chairman of the local GOP to resign because of a lease dispute? Give me a break. If the GOP was so thuggishly treated by Krvaric, do you really expect they would have re-elected him unanimously?

  8. We just deleted a comment that made allegations without any substantiation, thus it was possible libel. Readers, we caution you to not make charges without some kind of proof. The comment that was deleted made no attempt to do anything but make what could be wild accusations. Think…or go somewhere else.

  9. Mr. Ball,

    You seem to know so much about the local GOP, but I have never heard of you or seen you at any of the monthly meetings. Does anybody really care why the lease was cut short? Just spending 4,000 a month is enough to convince me it would be time to go. Heading into 2012 the party will need every penny it can save. I think it was a great choice. Tony should be thanked for letting the party crash at his personal business. Especially with the economy the way it is and party donations down. I think running out and getting into another lease is not a good idea at this time. Mr. Ball I encourage you to not make a mountain out of a mole hill…..

  10. This is a complete embarrassment for our SDGOP…Nehring and Krvaric have run their “world class headquarters” into the ground, just like everything else they touch. Its time for the Republicans to take back our County Party! (And not very Republican of Mr. Krvaric to ditch a signed lease!)

  11. “unanimously re-elected” you say. I guess Krvaric got more votes than Saddam Hussein and Hosni Mubarek since they only got re-elected with about 92% of the vote!

  12. “letting the party crash at his personal business” ?
    The Republican party is not a frat party – or maybe that is what is has become.

    Saving “$4,000” a month? Then what was the December $4088.25 check from the party to “RG Courtyards” about???? Isn’t RG Courtyard the owner of the building where Tony’s financial business AND the new Republican HQ is located???



    Email received regarding re-location from President of SD County Federation of Republican Women, Rachel Meyers:

    Guess I live under a rock or something but in case you did not know,
    our San Diego County Republican Party has relocated to 16935 West Bernardo Dr., Suite 208, San Diego, (Rancho Bernardo); the phone number is the same. 858-450-4600. This FYI per Barrett.”

  13. To SDGOP Committee Member:

    Did you say “embarrassment’ ??? Under Tony’s new (crammed through) by-laws, that is grounds for “removal”. Just sayin…

  14. SDGOP Committee Member:

    Run the Party into the ground? I’m not sure what world you live in? Do you remember the absolutely weak Party before Nehring and Krvaric? It was basically meaningless. Right now the local GOP is probably strongest in the state.

  15. Personally, I will miss the old office. Because I enjoyed spying on the ladies in the bathroom. I mean it was so easy given the SIX FOOT HOLE IN THE WALL separating the womens and men’s bathroom. That was the best summer of my life. A little volunteering, a little spying, a little giggling…..just junior high all over again. Who says Republicans are all business?

  16. To Give me a break:

    Give us all a break! Krvaric has destroyed everything Nehring et al, built!

    If by strong, you mean ‘strong armed’ – Yes, Krvaric has strong armed the party into a meaningless shell of what it once was. Keep telling yourself that you and the sleazy little insular organization Krvaric leads are relevant. if it makes you feel important.

  17. That building was a disaster and it looked like a construction zone for years. The owner had what appeared to be 14 year old boys putting up drywall and replacing tiles until 2AM most weeknights to the point where it became a running joke. The mirror in the men’s bathroom was torn out and viewed right into a women’s stall for weeks before either bathroom was closed. No door was ever locked, anyone could wander the halls. Nothing was ever fixed or replaced. Almost every other tenant on ground floor was gone and the entire place looked like a war zone.

    Leadership aside, that place was a disaster.

  18. After working in the former Party headquarters for two years, I can assure you the bizarre behavior of the landlord, the appalling condition of the building and its common areas, and his failure to make a series of necessary repairs are well documented. Where to begin? A volunteer getting trapped between floors in the elevator, the posted permit for which expired in 2007. The ever worsening cockroach problem. The air conditioner that leaked all over desks and floor, so profusely that panels in the ceiling literally caved in–while the landlord continued to insist he’d get around to fixing it. The lights in the parking lot that were all out for months, to the point I had to have a co-worker walk me to my car every night. The lack of functional bathrooms on the first floor for almost a year. And then of course the robbery. Not only did the landlord refuse to improve building security in the wake of the robbery last year, he denies a robbery occurred at all–the man is insane.

    If the Party’s in the wrong, it’s for not having gotten the hell out of that building sooner.

    Elizabeth Moyer
    RPSDC Finance Director 09/10

  19. Uhhh, surely CityBeat has reported these appalling conditions. Fair and balanced, and all that. Right, Dave?

    I’ve SEEN some of these conditions. I’ve been to a couple meetings in the old GOP HQ on issues, and was fascinated to see the torn up bathrooms and the rundown condition of the building. I ASSUMED this was just a temporary problem — seems that such was not the case.

    Did VOICE run with this story? Have they reported this side of what is an obvious landlord/tenant dispute?

    Whatever the merit (or lack of merit) of the allegations of dissidents against Krvaric, this building and the move clearly are not germane to their claims. Indeed, to me, this amazing, vituperative attack by apparent outcasts itself casts doubt on the veracity of ANY such complaints against GOP leadership.

  20. Rider:

    1) “Fair and Balanced” is Fox News’ motto not ours. We’re “Real. Alternative. News.”

    2) John’s column comes out every other week. I do not know what he’s writing. I’m not an editor. I read his work in the paper like everyone else. I recommend you ask him whether he plans to follow up.

    3) Moyer is the first person to put a name to her comment–and that was at 10am this morning. It’s a bit early for you to complain that no one’s reported it, don’t you think? I think John’s probably reading and will respond accordingly. Again, I can’t speak for John, but I doubt he’d cite the anonymous allegations in this thread, either in Tony’s defense or attacking him.

    4) I find that some people tend to perceive imbalance on the part of the writer, when in fact the imbalance is on the part of one source willing to talk and the other not. This often happens with politicians who choose not to respond to allegations, then complain that the story doesn’t tell their side. That’s something you should take up with Tony. Regardless of whether it was right or not to move, it seems that Tony might’ve been more forthcoming with the decision to move. In my personal opinion, it would’ve been more professional for the news of the move to come from Tony, not revealed for the first time in a CityBeat article. Again, I point out that Tony has now offered an open house, seemingly to alleviate concerns, but was not forthcoming in his email that he now shares it with his office.

    5) I’m not privy to the letters to the editor Rolland has received or the feedback John has received directly, but based on the responses I’ve received based on my Tea Party story, and those who read both stories, is that more than anything they’re upset at the allegation Krvaric threw out perfectly good supplies.

    6) Voice put it in the Morning Report.

  21. At the end of the day who really cares what City Beat has to say about the Republican Party. They are an avowedly left wing publication, with left wing writers. They are under no more obligation to be fair than any other partisan source.

    That being the case… are things really so dull that this is all we have to talk about?

  22. I do note the marked difference between the comments of the apparently anti-Krvaric folks and those that actually know about the landlord and conditions at the old offices. “Krvaric ruined everything that he touched” vs. “Terrible conditions — I saw it.” In a phrase, platitudes vs. substance. Just saying.

  23. I have inside information that CityBeat is planning to run a story on the Super Bowl and completely ignore the leftist labor union roots of both the packing industry pawns (Green Bay Packers) and the steel industry labor goons (Pittsburg Steelers). I believe this is a plan bred of Obama and his left-wing communist cronies who have infiltrated CityBeat to further his own Bolshevik plot! The left has totally taken over football. Conservatives, that was OUR sport! The communist left should just be happy with soccer! But no. None of you have fully realized the force a free paper distributed from sidewalk boxes can yield. And next…CityBeat, Obama, Maassivvee, and the unions will come for all of you!

  24. Georges was a janitor for our condo building (See the Sea) and he married a lady (Carol Griswold) in our condo building and then got himself elected to our board of directors and he proceeded to trash our building…he fired our maintenance…our condo building is a real pig sty now and Georges believed in deferred maintenance…I remember when the Republican Party moved into Georges and his wife’s building and it was pretty run down back then….I am surprised the Republicans stayed as long as they did…the place was run down before they moved in and we cringe when we have to attend our board meetings in the Griswold Office building…the landscape is over run, bathrooms are broken, no toilet paper, filthy….you should see how Georges and Griswold destroyed our condo building…we wish he could get rid of Griswold Property Management but Georges is on our board and controls who our property management company is…the conflict of interest issue does not seem to bother Georges or Griswold…we can’t get them to leave. We have had so many lawsuits because of Georges (his list of lawsuits that he has lost is so long it will put you to sleep) and he has taken insurance money from our many homeowners and held it from them for years, no audits for our building etc…we have no idea if we even have any reserve funds anymore, our request for maintenance and repairs is denied or ignored, and his own personal condo is a joke…he has had a broken window for 5 years and his behavior at our board meetings is deplorable…he refers to homeowners who question why things are not repaired as whores, hookers, prostitutes, the c-word, and when someone catches him in a lie he calls them thieves and liars…his standard operating procedure is to intimidate the homeowners…obviously the Republicans have had enough of this disturbing behavior also….both places are run down under his leadership…good for them to finally get out and away from him…we hope to do the same. If you would like a tour of building we will be glad to show you how he destroyed an award winning condo building with his lack of maintenance, not to mention the intimidation he employs to shut you up when you ask for things to be repaired.

  25. Woo Woo. The Truth about Georges finally emerges! And isn’t it true that the See the Sea folks brought these facts to the attention of City Beat, which ran the original story? And isn’t it true City Beat responded that they were not going to do a follow-up account?

    That organ of ‘Truth’ is too busy making Georges a martyr and taking all he says on faith, because the Ends-Justify-the-Means, and the end is to do anything to attack Tony Krvaric. And what is Krvaric’s crime?

    Answer: he routinely helps defeat the political candidates City Beat endorses in their Editorials. Admit it, City Beat, you’re as vindictive,
    narrow, and revenge-driven as any professional politician. This sordid episode is further proof of that!

  26. Post

    So a named complaint about Krvaric is bad, but an anonymous complaint full of unverified vilification against Georges is okay. Nice standard for “facts” you got there, Mr./Ms. Anonymous Commenter.

  27. We were admittedly hesitant about even approving Homeowner’s comment without proof, but as Georges has been very willing to talk to the media, it seems appropo that if there is another side, let it come out. Yet, Homeowner offers to substantiate his comments, but hasn’t at this point provided contact info. We shall see. Until then…

  28. Still waiting on the anonymous Homeowner to provide some contact info. If he/she intended to remain anonymous here, please indicate so at info@sdrostra.com. We’re not sure how you can offer proof of your allegations, as you did, and not provide a way to contact you.

  29. As the owner of a collection agency that specializes in Landlord tenant collections I have been following this story through SD Rostra and other emails that I have received with interest. Based solely on what Elizabeth Moyer has said there is no way that I would accept an account for collection with that Statement. I have no reason to believe that she is not telling the truth. She signed her real name and those are real issues. For the building owner to go public in an attempt to collect this debt through the media just does not pass the smell test. The only reason one would take this account would be for publicity purposes. The key words in Ms. Moyer’s comments are Well documented, which brings me to the following conclusion. This is no more than politics. It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike Tony, that is all this is. Ah, but what a feather in the cap of some liberal to take down the leader of the County GOP. I have watched liberals attack conservatives now for years without any regard for the facts. I think everyone that reads Rostra knows what the next step will be if this landlord tries to fulfill his threat. It is very difficult to collect on damages in the State of CA and future rent is even harder to collect on, unless of course the defendant does not answer the complaint.

  30. Come to See the Sea Condos anytime you desire and anyone here can show you our building or if you prefer photos of our building or Georges condo? I recommend you come and see what he did to our place.

    When do you want to come and see our place?
    Saturday or Sunday?
    I will have a group of homeowners at the door to meet with you.
    See the Sea Condos (by the Crystal Pier)
    4465 Ocean Boulevard
    Pacific Beach
    San Diego, CA 92109

  31. look up any of the Georges lawsuits…all of which he lost and you can see the comments where various judges say he lacks credibility or lied….classic info!

    How about 30 people at our last board meeting that you can meet at See the Sea who heard him call us names…is that proof enough?

  32. Commenters: At this point, if you have comments about Georges, we would like them to be under your real name, as your stated opinion. The homeowners that are trying to post information about Georges, we will not include here if anonymous. It is difficult for us to verify unsubstantiated information. If you want to share opinion about him, please go on the record. Thanks.

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