Occupy Boston protesters spit on Coast Guard member. Should we use the same logic that the media use with the Tea Party?

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If I used the same logic many in the media and Democratic leadership have used about the Tea Party (based upon comments made by by a very small minority of Tea Party “members”), that means all members of the OCCUPY-whatever are very disrespectful towards members of the military.

Using a very, very small sampling to then label all in that group because of the actions of a very few.  It’s not right.  But, isn’t that what the media are doing to the Tea Party?


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  1. Don’t complain too strongly about this “F**K the USA” song. We want these doped up dimwits to show their true colors. This is GREAT!

    Keep it going, morons. Burn a U.S. flag or two while you’re at it.

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