NRCC: Will Scott Peters Join Obama and Double Down on ObamaCare?

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Will Scott Peters Join Obama and Double Down on ObamaCare?
Peters’ Support for the Failed Law Has Been Unwavering

WASHINGTON – Today, President Obama and National Democrats are launching an ObamaCare apology tour across the country, which will attempt to persuade the millions of Americans suffering under the law to give the rollout and its expensive policies a second chance. Will Scott Peters join the President and double down on his support for ObamaCare?

Peters has been a fervent ObamaCare supporter, and has been unwavering in his support for the billion-dollar law, even through its botched rollout this fall. California families are tired of higher premiums and canceled policies. When will Peters finally realize that ObamaCare is hurting California voters?

“Scott Peters’ continued support of ObamaCare and its expensive price tag has hurt thousands of California’s hard working families,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Will he continue to double down on his support as National Democrats continue to tout the so-called ‘benefits’ of the law, or will he finally admit that the ObamaCare train wreck has gone on for far too long?”

Scott Peters Voted Against Repealing ObamaCare. (H.R. 45, Roll Call #154, 5/16/2013)

President Obama Will Be Promoting ObamaCare Alongside of National Democrats In The Coming Weeks To Garner Support For The Troubled Law. (“Obama To Launch New Health Care Law Campaign,” by David Jackson. USA Today, 12/3/13)


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  1. Does the NRCC have anything positive to run on or will their entire national campaign be based on running against Obamacare?

  2. Mole,

    That’s great, very catchy but I am still looking for some kind of positive message out of the Republican Party’s campaign. You know, what are we going to do about immigration reform, our decaying infrastructure, the instability in the Middle East, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, a rising deficit and yes, reforming our health care system?

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