NRCC: California Families Losing Insurance Thanks To Scott Peters

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Radio Buy Features the Story of a San Diego Cancer Victim Who Has Lost Her Insurance Under ObamaCare

WASHINGTON – The National Republican Congressional Committee launched a paid radio ad in San Diego today, using Scott Peters’ support of ObamaCare against him. The ad highlights a local San Diego woman who is battling cancer and losing her insurance under ObamaCare.

Residents across California are losing insurance thanks to Scott Peters and his repeated support of ObamaCare. They were promised they could keep their current plans. Now when they need it most, they can’t find quality healthcare.

“Scott Peters’ support of ObamaCare is making it harder for California families to get quality healthcare,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “They were sold a bill of goods and now they’re the ones paying the price.”

To listen to the ad, click here:

VOICEOVER: The ObamaCare trainwreck is here.

VOICEOVER: And the impact it’s having? Devastating for some — including a San Diego woman who’s fought cancer for years.

VOICEOVER: “The sixty two year old diagnosed seven years ago…learned her health insurance plan will be canceled by year’s end.”

VOICEOVER: It’s outrageous. And it gets worse.

VOICEOVER: “…not only can she no longer keep her insurance, but she can no longer see her doctors, either.”

VOICEOVER: President Obama promised that wouldn’t happen.

VOICEOVER: And Congressman Scott Peters?

VOICEOVER: Peters supported ObamaCare and said, “Most San Diegans will be able to keep the coverage they currently have.”

VOICEOVER: But for a million Californians, that’s not true. Millions more can expect premium increases, higher deductibles, higher co-pays…

VOICEOVER: It’s a disaster.

VOICEOVER: Call Scott Peters at 202-225-0508. Tell him, Obamacare is hurting Californians.

VOICEOVER: The National Republican Congressional Committee paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. www-dot-NRCC-dot-org.

Peters Voted Against Repealing ObamaCare. (H.R. 45, Roll Call #154, 5/16/2013)

A San Diego Woman Is Battling Cancer And Is Losing Her Insurance. “For almost seven years I have fought and survived stage-4 gallbladder cancer, with a five-year survival rate of less than 2% after diagnosis. I am a determined fighter and extremely lucky. But this luck may have just run out: My affordable, lifesaving medical insurance policy has been canceled effective Dec. 31.” (Edie Littlefield Sundby, “You Also Can’t Keep Your Doctor,” The Wall Street Journal, 11/3/13)

President Obama Apologized For His Misleading Healthcare Promise. “President Barack Obama offered an apology Thursday to those Americans who have been told they’re losing their health insurance plans, contrary to his promise that no one would be forced off a plan they wanted to keep.” (Jennifer Epstein, “President Obama: ‘I Am Sorry’,” Politico, 11/7/13)


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  1. I asked this once before, but I will try again: We know what the NRCC is running against, but are they running in favor of anything?

  2. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) has an alternative with over 100co-sponsors.

    Part of the issue is there wasn’t a widespread problem until Obamacare “fixed” a problem that didn’t exist and nobody cared about. I read that exit polls showed 5% of voters cared about healthcare insurance reform in 2008.
    Now it’s really screwed up and most of the solution is to un-do what’s been done because it was working fine before they fixed it.

    The vast majority had insurance. They could afford it if they wanted it. They had access to it.

    5 million people weren’t getting dropped. Everyone’s premiums weren’t going up by double-digit percentages every year.

    Sometimes “no” is the great alternative. For example, Republicans had no alternative to slavery, but that platform worked for them.

  3. Michael,

    I wasn’t solely referring to Obamacare although that does seem to be the only issue facing the country if you listen to the NRCC. I want to know if the NRCC has any message other than that Obamacare is bad. Does the NRCC have any ideas on any of the other issues affecting our lives? Do they even believe that there any other issues affecting our lives?

  4. I like what the NRCC is doing here: softening up Scott Peters by attacking on the outcomes of his votes, and positioning themselves as the lightening rod for anyone who gets pissy about negative campaigning. And since they haven’t officially endorsed either candidate (someone correct me on this if I am wrong), their attacks will be harder to pin on whichever eventual Republican candidate makes it through the primary. On top of that, it leaves the Republican candidates to move forward in the primary with their positive visions, and if the primary contenders turn negative toward each other, keeps the reserve of IE funds focused on the main goal: Peters.

    This is a great model for what party organizations are supposed to do.

  5. “Part of the issue is there wasn’t a widespread problem until Obamacare “fixed” a problem that didn’t exist and nobody cared about….”

    Certainly you’re not defending the status quo system under which your employer could or could not offer whatever insurance at a whim, you could be dropped anytime for any reason, the uninsured flood the emergency rooms for free care which we all pay for, and, if you do own something, you have no recourse but to go bankrupt, are you?

  6. You’re not wrong, D. Morton. The NRCC has added both Simon and DeMaio to their “on radar list” and has not endorsed one of the other at this point.

    “This is a great model for what party organizations are supposed to do.”

    I don’t necessarily disagree with that sentiment. I would also suggest that that turning out Republican voters is the most important function of a party organization

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