North County Republicans, We Have a GOTV Problem

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In the 49th Congressional District, Democrats won over 50 percent of the San Diego County vote. In November, an experienced Republican Board of Equalization Chairwoman will face off against a well-funded, former party Democratic Party Executive Director.

In the 36th State Senate District, the Democratic candidate won over 50 percent of the San Diego County vote. She has never held public office but won more votes that the experienced, incumbent Republican State Senator.

In the 76th Assembly District, two Democrats, one who has never held public office and one who has been a City Councilmember for less that 18 months, shut out four good Republican candidates by snaring over 50 percent of the vote.

The Board of Supervisors race was a bright light, with Republican candidates gaining 65 percent of the vote, but that district includes the mostly Republican City of San Marcos and more conservative, rural areas of Fallbrook, Bonsall, and Valley Center.

These results are in a non-Presidential PRIMARY election, an election which traditionally has more Republican voters by a large margin.

This is neither a donor nor a candidate problem; Democrats are turning out their voters by leaps and bounds and there will be more of them, a lot more of them, in the November election.   The Republican registration advantage in the 76th Assembly District is gone.    Moreover, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Encinitas Republicans just didn’t vote in this election.  That has to change if Republicans expect to win in November.

North County Republicans, we have a registration and GOTV problem in North County.


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  1. Graham is an uninspiring candidate.

    How much did his campaign raise and spend on direct voter contact?

    My guess there is a poor candidate, with no organization, lost THE GOP seat in San Diego.

    Nothing to GOTV if no one knows who you are.

  2. It’s a brand problem. CAGOP always has to run from the national GOP brand. For Californians, who are leaving both parties, they see the choice as between New England(D) and Alabama(R). They figure social liberals are less scary than social conservatives. Taxes, SJW, and so on isn’t even factored in when they see a GOP that is only vocal on Muslims, Mexicans, and Abortions. Things most Californians don’t side with the (southern US -centric) GOP on.

    But there is a ray of hope. In non-partisan elections – where you don’t see a D or R – candidates that have a Republican message on governance and taxes win over and over again. Poizner, as NPP, did the best state-wide.

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