No on Prop 6? Maybe, it’s time to let Californians suffer.

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There is a legitimate argument for a NO vote on Prop 6. California voters should suffer for electing tax and spend statists to the Legislature.

We will never #RestoreCalifornia by ballot proposition. We need to elect legislators who will:

1- never, ever, ever raise taxes, fees, or duties
2- define what the role of government is
3- submit budgets which fund the core functions of government

If all the Republicans can offer is to be “more efficient managers of the welfare state,” don’t elect them. If all the Republicans can offer is ballot proposition after ballot proposition, to micromanage the problems Democrats cause with their collectivist agenda, don’t pass them.

For now, I like the energy which Proposition 6 brings to the 2018 election. A taxpayer revolt is always a good thing in my mind, but Prop 6 is a band aid. Prop 13 was a band aid. Ballot propositions are band aids on a festering wound that results in confiscatory taxation designed to recreate the feudal system of California’s past.

Make Californians feels the pain of one party rule in Sacramento and pray California doesn’t become Venezuela before the electorate figures it out. We will never restore a representative government that believes in limited powers unless the electorate feels the pain of socialism.

Vote YES on Proposition 6 this election but it’s time to dig in. The next time a Republican suggests that we can “fix” the mess by a ballot proposition, tell them to figure how to get elected.


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  1. Brian, Despite being a left wing nut job I will be voting for this. No anti folks have explained to anyone why the existing massive revenues are not enough. The communist in my district running for assembly (Elizabeth Warren) shares my opinion.

  2. Post

    “No anti folks have explained to anyone why the existing massive revenues are not enough.”

    Because they stole the money and spend it on vote buying stuff. You and the Communist are too soft-hearted. Let the little people SUFFER and pay more. It’s is the majority party’s unalienable right to raise taxes and buy votes by redistributing the confiscated money.

  3. I will make two predictions re: Prop 6:

    1. It will pass.

    2. When it does, the price of gas will not drop 12 cent per gallon or anything close to it. The oil companies know that we are used to paying this price so they will have no reason to do anything other than put the bulk of the 12 cents per gallon in their own pockets.

  4. Post

    1- I’m not so sure. That ballot title was designed to serve the statists and the corruption on the No campaign is rampant
    2- Completely false. If anything, it should start a price war among the retailers

  5. Brian,

    1. That ballot title is misleading. On that we agree and it will keep the election close but I still think Prop 6 will pass.

    2. IMHO, there is simply not enough retail competition in the gasoline industry. Take note of the price on Election Day and let’s see what it is 30 days later.

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