NJ Governor An Example for Everyone On How To Address Fiscal Gaps

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NJ Governor Chris Christie is beyond refreshing to watch if you’re sick of hearing about government spending running out of control.  Below is a fantastic example of him facing hostile opposition and confronting it head on, without being hostile himself, and taking apart their arguments bit by bit.  In a mere 7 minutes, Christie delivers a very comprehensive outline of the causes of their fiscal problems and the decisions that have led them to where they are.   It’s hard to argue with a guy who is so logical.  In the end, his antagonist can only criticize his tone.  Incidentally, according to the NEA, NJ teachers are the 5th highest paid teachers in the nation at 66k per year, not 55k as Christie suggests (CA teachers rank #2 in US at $68k).

If you have 9 minutes, this is a joy to watch: http://bit.ly/944yuW


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