New SuperPAC/National Org Dedicated to America’s Security Launched Today in SD

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May 22, 2012
            Contact: Dave Gilliard (916) 626-6804
or John Hoy (858) 361-5254


San Diego, CA — A new SuperPAC and national association, Fight 4 America, dedicated to America’s security and national defense was launched today at a press conference overlooking the USS Midway.

“The trillion dollars in national security cuts, if allowed to pass, will be the greatest tragedy of the Obama administration,” said Duncan Hunter, former member of Congress and Chair of the House Armed Services Committee.  “The cuts will result in 200,000 soldiers and marines being cut, navy ships being reduced to the point that China will become dominant in the Western Pacific and leaving American military personnel with inadequate equipment for years to come.”

Fight 4 America’s national Board of Directors includes Hunter, Air Force veteran Will Bennett, Marine Corps veterans Shawn Bryan and Joe “Doc” Worley, Army Veteran and West Point graduate Thomas D. Dyer; and well-known political consultant Ed Rollins, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s National Campaign Director.

“Those of us who served believe it is our duty to inform the public about the dangers posed to our nation, and to the men and women currently serving, if these massive defense cuts become a reality,” Bryan said.

Investment in our national defense stands well below the historical average. Through the process of Sequestration, President Obama and some in Congress have discussed cutting our defenses even more — to levels lower than before World War II.

“America’s security must never become a bargaining chip in budget negotiations,” Hunter said.

If Sequestration were to be implemented, the reductions in defense would mean:

  • The smallest ground force since 194o
  • A fleet of fewer than 230 ships, the smallest level since 1915
  • The smallest tactical fighter force in Air Force history

Fight 4 America’s SuperPac will actively engage in the 2012 presidential election nationally and in targeted swing states. We have produced 3 television commercials and have others planned.

Please visit to view our newest television ads.

Paid for by Fight 4 America. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.


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  1. Not sure how Obama gets all the blame for a law passed by Congress, including a Republican House of Representatives.

  2. The names “John Hoy” and “Dave Gilliard” at the top of the page are the ones people in politics will notice. Those 2 names tell us this project is (1) A serious effort and also (2) it will be well run.

  3. Sequestration didn’t have to happen. 66 republicans and 95 Democrats had the courage to vote against the sequestration. Locally, Hunter and Filner said nay while Issa, Bilbray and Davis voted for eventual sequestration.

    I would have preferred that Congress not authorize the debt limit and propose and pass bills, line item by line item, until we reached the projected receipts (with national defense being first to be funded).

    We’re going to have to make the tough decisions about how to spend our tax dollars. I suppose we’re going to be forced to return to Article 1, Section 8 to get us out of this mess.

  4. Alger:

    I was brought in to handle PR/media relations for today’s launch, and I will tell you the group is most passionate about protecting the men and women in the military and ensuring we have a strong defense.

    It plans to be around long after the November election — watching over the administration and congress, regardless of who is in charge.


  5. Tony,

    If you are correct, they will have my whole hearted support. On the other hand if their purpose is simply to bash the President, I don’t know how that will be of benefit to those who serve under the Commander in Chief.

  6. A mission statement from Fight 4 America says the organization wants to keep “America’s defenses strong, ready and able to defend our nation’s interests, and to ensure that the men and women in uniform who defend our country should be the best equipped, trained and supported in the world.” Sounds like a noble statement until you consider what it really means: “Let’s keep those defense dollars rolling in to prop up the military defense complex that lobbys Congress to start unnecessary wars” in the name of “our nation’s interests (oil). At least that’s been our history.
    Wasn’t it Dwight Eisenhower who said, “Beware the military industrial complex” in his farewell speech over 50 years ago?
    “Fifty years ago, Dwight Eisenhower delivered what has become, with the possible exception of George Washington’s departing speech, the best-known presidential farewell address in U.S. history. In his valedictory, Ike famously warned against “unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.” That final phrase entered the political lexicon almost immediately, signifying the notion that a permanent ruling class, encompassing the Pentagon and its corporate suppliers, was on the verge of controlling the American government, even in peacetime.”

  7. Another PAC? It sounds great. But do we really need another PAC?

    What is their goal – keeping an eye out for America’s security? Isn’t that what our President and Congress are supposed to be doing?

    Although, it appears our President is signing executive orders every other Friday night taking away our freedom until it will be all gone, fairly soon, I hear.
    What is this I hear about a large contingent of Chinese troops just south of our border? why would they be there? Although it would somehow fit with the land Gov. Butch Otter granted them in Idaho –

    “Idaho to be First Chinese State”-
    Bill Turner- Boise Examiner, May 31, 2011

    also is it true Russian troops numbering over 50,000 on the train to Colorado?
    Yes – it looks like we do need another PAC – this time – Fighting for America.

    There are about 25,000 various conservative groups and PACS in America – all with their own goal – Obamacare, Wisonsin Recall, election, etc.

    What has been accomplished? Are these innocent troop movements? Is anyone checking this out. It is certainly not in the mainstream media.

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