#NeverTrump Has Never Been About Trump Supporters And Always Been About Trump

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I’ve made this statement a few times before; #NeverTrump has nothing to do with the frustrated Republicans who support or lean towards Donald Trump but has everything to do with the poor character of the candidate.  Moreover, supporting Trump is a losing proposition against Clinton; he is the only Republican candidate remaining whose polling signals a loss to her in the general election.

The internet, for all of its potential, has served to create pockets of echo chambers, offering conformation bias rather than an open information exchange.  We search certain hashtags on Twitter, read certain blogs (like this one), and unfriend those who might not share our predetermined positions.

Romney made a take down speech on Trump today.  He wasn’t the best guy to give that speech and many believe it served to inflame the “anti-establishment” passions Trump supporters have.  I dont think that’s true and neither does Ross Douhat of the New York Times:

The idea that it can’t be done, that Trump voters are all locked-in lunatics with no capacity to take in new information, seems like just another version of the elite condescension toward rank and file Republicans that enabled Trump’s rise in the first place. And in that context Romney’s speech was actually an admirable, long-overdue attempt to break with that condescension, to treat primary voters as adults, to actually share with them the wide range of reasons — and Romney covered the waterfront — why Donald Trump does not deserve their trust.

I can’t say this enough to Trump supporters, leaners, and “faithful” Republicans who agree to “honor” the pledge of party loyalty in the general election– as much as 20% of what is described as “reliable Republicans”, detest Donald Trump so much, fear him as an authoritarian tyrant so much, fear him as a charlatan who will say anything to get elected so much, have such a strong opinion of his piss poor character so much…

…that we refuse to vote for him in a general election.  That math isn’t even included in the RCP polling data I linked earlier.

I don’t hold Trump supporters in low regard. In fact, I understand your frustration and I LOVE that Trump is a “fighter” but….  I actually speak with independents, Democrats, liberals, and libertarians.  Sure, there is an element that wants to “stick it to the Republican establishment” who are playing in this primary but the simple fact is this–

Even if we all pulled together, polling data suggest that Trump can’t beat Clinton.  Now, with as many as one in five of us who refuse to lend our vote to this crude man, the task seems impossible.

This isn’t me disrespecting you Trump leaners and GOP faithful.  This is me relying on your sophistication to realize what I learned last week–  Trump just won’t be President.

Your neighbors don’t like him, your children’s teachers are scared to show your kids his speeches, your priests are appalled by him, and your boss wishes Republicans could field a better candidate against Clinton.

We can and we will but ya gotta do the math on this one.  Romney was not the best messenger to present the case but you are the best ones to listen to it.

#NeverTrump has nothing to do with you, Trump supporters and everything to do with Trump


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  1. Again, Brian, I must respectfully disagree.
    In fact, it’s all about the people–the Trump supporters.
    There will always be conscienceless demagogues like Trump. But unless they have a demoralized demos, like ours, they never get traction in a democracy.
    Sound electorates are the best, perhaps the only, antidote to the sort of anti-democratic corrosives we see manifest in men like Sanders and Trump.
    Without that, we’re defenseless.

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” John Adams

  2. On a lighter note, thinking about Trump and Clinton as our alternatives reminded me of a passage from Woody Allen’s Side Effects:
    “More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

  3. Post

    “Republicans that won’t support Trump if he’s the nominee…”

    Ron Paul and Bill Kristol on the same list, in the same coalition? Trump certainly can unify Republicans.

  4. Still passionately and unabashedly #NeverHillary.

    What if that was the GOP battle cry? Alas, we need to ride out the GOP Establishment deathwatch.

  5. #NeverTrump equals #AssureHillary . No one is debating that..not even the #AssureHillary faction.

    Remarkably, many GOP-ers are comfortable with this construct. Many are not…or many Independants. By “Defending the Conservative” cause (whatever that is nowadays…led by who- “Boy Wonder” Marco, “Retread” Mitt and “Low-T” Jeb???), they assure the Nation spirals into greater decay, disrepair, and danger.

    Maybe Cruz will surge…I’d vote for Cruz…but I’d certainly vote for Trump before Killary/Shrillary/Billlary.

  6. If so many of you are #nevertrump, how about a show of support for #tedcruz? He’s the only candidate that has a shot to beat Trump for the nomination. Why does the fact that he’s a hard core conservative scare you?

    Will there be a deafening silence since I ask for support for Ted Cruz? If there is, it tells me that the silent majority Republican and decline to state middle class and working class are right to revolt against establishment Republicans.

    Trump or Cruz. Pick one.

  7. Post

    “Will there be a deafening silence since I ask for support for Ted Cruz? ”

    That is an easy answer–Heck no. Cruz is my choice.

    I went from Rand to Ted, back to Rand (when Ted skipped out on Audit the Fed vote), and back to Ted (when Rand dropped out). I’ve always swam in the ConCon pool.

    Just to show you I am a team player, I’ll walk doors for John Kasich if he’s the nominee. I can find lots of reasons to like him from his 90s fiscal record and his mostly good work in Ohio as Gov.

    Just don’t ask me to go against the movement with a Trump nomination. Too many conservatives despise him

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