NCTD’S SPRINTER Wins National “Project of the Year” Award !

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Sprinter trainA press release from NCTD:

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – November 23, 2009.

North County Transit District’s SPRINTER rail line has won the 2009 “Project of the Year” from the American Public Works Association (APWA), an international professional association of public agencies and private companies. APWA cited the SPRINTER as the Transportation Project of the Year for projects valued over $75 million.

The SPRINTER was previously named the regional Project of the Year and then submitted for national recognition. The APWA Project of the Year Awards are presented annually to promote excellence in the management and administration of public works projects.

“We are tremendously proud and honored to receive a national award that recognizes the quality of the work done by so many NCTD employees and contractors,” said NCTD Board of Directors Chairman Bob Campbell. “We are equally delighted that the SPRINTER has become an integral and successful part of the daily transportation lives of so many North County residents.”

The SPRINTER began service in March 2008 on a 22-mile route between Oceanside and Escondido and currently carries more than 8,000 passengers each day, serving the most densely populated and transit-friendly corridor in North County.  It links to various BREEZE bus routes along that corridor as well as to the COASTER, Amtrak and Metrolink rail services out of Oceanside. It serves a wide variety of passengers, ranging from shoppers and students to bikers and surfers.

APWA’s citation of the SPRINTER says, “By constructing 15 new station platforms and associated parking lots and providing new drainage structures, bridges, track grade crossings, signal and train dispatch systems, a dilapidated railway built over a century ago in 1888 was put to good use moving people in a more environmentally friendly way than cars on the freeways.”

NCTD was also recognized for “extensive coordination with local jurisdictions to address traffic control requirements, pedestrian access and public safety during construction.”

The SPRINTER project’s primary design consultant was AECOM, construction was managed by Simon Wong Engineering and project construction was performed by West Coast Rail Constructors, a joint venture of FCI and Fluor.


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  1. Jerome,

    Do you have a response to the north county times investigation into how this award was granted to your over budget, delayed, and mismanaged rail project?

    When considering how many people were taking the, now eliminated, bus route that use to serve the same corridor, how is the ridership for that project going?

  2. Yes, Jerome, are you going to answer sandy bottom? I feel that you have mismanaged projects through your positions on Encinitas City Council, recently bypassing Teresa Barth as deputy mayor, through your motion, and also through your positions on the Borad of Directors for both SANDAG and NCTD.

  3. Dear Sandy Bottom, may I call you Sandy?
    The Sprinter actually carries several times the ridership of the bus routes it replaced, and does so in less time than they took.
    And technically for the record, the official federally approved budget for the Sprinter is $484,000,000 and the project has not gone over that. Further, it was the lowest price rail project in the nation on a per mile basis.
    I wish it could have been completed sooner, but it’s here and serving the public every day now. And I predict it will be seen as a wonderful asset to north County in the decades to come.
    Thanks for asking!

    Dear concerned citizen:
    I am an elected policymaker. Policy makers don’t “manage” projects, and Ms. Barth wasn’t “bypassed” for anything, but your personal animus toward me seems to have twisted your ability to rationally consider reality as the rest of the world experiences it.
    For example, Ms. Barth clearly failed to garner the support and confidence of her fellow Council Members. Ms. Houlihan could have declined the nomination, but didn’t, and the balance of the Council voted not to place Ms. Barth in that leadership role.
    Nobody can get “bypassed” as there is no rotation system. Encinitas has a simple rule for whom shall serve as Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the upcoming year: “They are chosen by a majority of the City Council.” That’s it.
    Everything else is fantasy.

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