Nathan Fletcher considering a run for Duncan Hunter’s Congressional seat

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Surprise news from Former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, in the form an overnight announcement — not unlike the way he broke the news five years ago to nearly the exact day that he was leaving the Republican Party.

Local political insiders considered Fletcher a sure candidate for San Diego County Supervisor next year, with incumbent Greg Cox term-limited out of the District 1 seat at the end of 2018.

A number of Democrats are considering a run for Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter’s seat, but Fletcher is arguably the highest profile among them.

From Blue State Consultants…

Former Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher is formally exploring a run for the 50th California Congressional District, currently held by incumbent Duncan Hunter.

“I’ve been encouraged by many supporters to run for Congress,” said Fletcher. “I’m lining up significant support and doing outreach at this time. As a decorated, combat Marine, I fit the 50th District perfectly.”

Fletcher’s former Assembly seat overlaps a good portion of the 50th Congressional District.

For more information, contact Jennifer G. Zales at (619) 867-5309 or


Admin note: Several people have contacted us, seriously, to say that Fletcher had planned on running for Ron Roberts’ seat in 2018 and that Greg Cox is termed out in 2020. We are encouraging people to seek clarity with the contact person in the release, Jenny Jenny at 867-5309. Seriously.

Additional Admin note: Do you still not get the date?


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  1. Could someone explain the link between combat Marine and Statesman? This seems to be a common theme proudly expressed as if one had been tutored by Jefferson himself. I’ve never been in the military. Are Locke and Smith part of a soldier’s training?

  2. Nathan doesn’t have East county values. Eric you want a statesmen then let’s make it clear to all republicans that the hardest working State Senator Joel Anderson needs to be our next congressman.

  3. Happy fools day to you too!

    Is Tommy Tutone throwing his hat in the ring as well?

  4. Eric, there is no connection between being a reservist in marines and elected office. That Hunters Sr and Junior served is a coincidence and not grounds for experience. Somehow this is not a surprise. The Ron Roberts seat is the one up in 2018 and while Nathan has felt entitled to it, good people are lining up and recent polls show him in 3rd place. A third loss would be devastating. So he will move his home, his wife has to stay in her 80th Assembly seat home, and his two young boys, what about them? As a divorced dad myself w 2 kids I cannot imagine. What do you really want to do with your life flip flopper?

  5. Nathan Fletcher comes from a historic family who settled El Cajon and sold hot dogs at a fair price. I can think of nobody better suited to take on a corrupt establishment seeking stale coffee, day old donuts and a once proud restaurant chain now gone with the wind. Hoo-rah to the changing of the guard. Now let’s all play golf in Scottland at the taxpayers’ expense. Hoo-rah!!!

  6. My parents and grandparents moved from San Diego to El Cajon to operate a large egg ranch more than a decade before the Hillikers did. My sisters and I were raised and attended public schools here, graduating from Granite Hills High during the 1960s. All three of us still reside in East County, and we are all Democrats. Mr. Hilliker insults us by asserting that Mr. Fletcher does not have East County values. Not all of us who live here are gun-toting, immigrant-bashing, anti-feminist, climate-change-denying rednecks. I understand that the “Rostra” story is a joke; however, a number of well-qualified Democratic candidates are running against the corrupt, incompetent Hunter, Jr.

  7. Post


    If that’s the case, apologies to Shawn. We thought Jenny’s number wasn’t provided to anyone anymore, in any area code. Why would anyone want that number at all?

  8. Yes it is an April fools joke. Mrs Riley I don’t know you and you don’t know me so please keep your hate speech to yourself. One thing that would help though if if you make sure you buy Hilliker Eggs…Easter is coming. Good luck running against Mr. Hunter.

  9. And your fool of the day is … me. Appreciate my friends at Rostra for the text just after 6:00 a.m. to make sure I had heard the latest. You got me.

  10. “Not all of us who live here are gun-toting, immigrant-bashing, anti-feminist, climate-change-denying rednecks”

    Hillary Clinton 2020 because rich, elitist Democrats still haven’t insulted enough Americans.

  11. Good April’s Fool’s joke and great FAKE NEWS report, but nevertheless I do want to point out that Supervisor Cox’s term actually expires in 2020.

  12. Post

    Right, Pamela. Per our admin note at the end. One of a few things in the “story” to get people to not focus on the day, or as tell tales of the day, or maybe as both!

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