Nathan Fletcher campaign committees not so transparent

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Nathan Fletcher and his supportive committees have some ‘splaining to do.

On Sunday, center-left blog San Diego Politico alleged a potential ethics violation committed by Nathan Fletcher for Mayor and his supportive “Restoring Trust in San Diego – A Committee to Support Nathan Fletcher for Mayor 2013… with major funding by Dr. Irwin Jacobs and Joan Jacobs” over a TV ad that was rumored to have been produced by the candidate and reproduced to include the “Restoring Trust” disclaimer. Stay tuned viewers…

On a related “Restoring Trust” committee disclaimer front, let’s turn to its controversial mailers.

It started back when Fletcher’s clean campaign pledge disintegrated.

The “Restoring Trust” committee sent out a hit piece attacking Fletcher’s opponents, Councilmen David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer, and the media scrutinized the mailers and Fletcher’s about-face on his promise to denounce any supporters who resorted to negative campaigning.

Soon after, the “Restoring Trust” committee moved $150,000 into another pro-Fletcher Independent Expenditure Committee, “Neighborhoods for Nathan Fletcher for Mayor 2013.” No doubt a welcome infusion for the “Neighborhoods” committee and its paltry prior $65,000 cash on hand.

Why would a well-funded committee move money into a smaller committee?

One theory might point to disclosures.

The “Neighborhoods” committee only required the funding committee name in the disclaimer and not the personal funding disclosure – “with major funding by Dr. Irwin Jacobs and Joan Jacobs.” The committee thereby buries its financial complicity in the complicated filings with the City Clerk’s office.

Since then, the committee pumped out $146,000 in mail with $112,996 specifically notated as “hit pieces” against against Alvarez and Faulconer.

The most interesting hit pieces targeted the Lincoln Club.

I’m sure we all recall the Paul Jacobs letter demanding an apology from the Lincoln Club over a mail piece citing media stories questioning Fletcher’s work history and salary at Qualcomm.

And wouldn’t you know it, the very day Jacobs fired off that letter to every media outlet in town, his parents were dropping $37,000 each into the “Restoring Trust” committee.

Despite all the dirty politics, Fletcher is in a dead heat with Alvarez for second in the latest polls after solidly leading the entire field just weeks ago.


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  1. Yes, dirty politics. Like the GOP/Kevin Faulconer funded illegal robo call with fake Karl Rove with NO disclaimer? Where is your call for transparency on that one????? Oh, it’s a hit on Fletcher, so nevermind.

  2. How do you know the robo call was from the GOP or Faulconer, and not from the Labor Council or Alvarez, or someone else?

    Prove your allegations, or don’t make them.

  3. T.A.,

    Good point. The allegation is not provable and I am sure that is the reason that the legally required disclaimer saying who paid for the call was omitted.

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