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I’ve taken down my previous post about Doug Manchester and his split with his wife. My employer has expressed a wish that I not blog on local issues anywhere except the North County Times, and I agree that’s a wise decision. So I won’t be blogging anymore on SD Rostra.

However, I’ll still be blogging, and reporting, at the North County Times and the Californian (our sister paper in Southwest Riverside County), where I blog about science and technology, and general business issues.

You can also read blogs by my business colleagues Eric Wolff, on energy and real estate, and Pat Maio on the general economy. We also host blogs about transportation, video gaming, entertainment in Southwest Riverside County, Temecula region news, the Padres, the Charges and a lot more.

You can find all our blogs by clicking this sentence.

My thanks to SD Rostra crew for hosting me, and to the readers, especially Alger. Every blog should have some Algers.


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  1. We hate to see you go, Brad, but we understand. We enjoyed your contributions and wish you the best in your future endeavors. You picked up a Press Club award while you were here! Very deserving.

    Best Wishes,

    Thor and Co.

  2. Dear Brad:

    Shame. For what it’s worth, I think there’s a future for you in blogging.

    You have a unique insight that gets lost in the print world.

    Best, Erica

  3. Too bad. Sorry, Bradley. I’ll watch for your stuff at NC Times, of course. The forced upside is that’s one less Libertarian for us to kick around at Rostra.

  4. Perhaps someone could create a new Rostra username such as “Fradley J. Bikes” and provide links to Bradley’s NC Times blogs…or we could do, as Barry suggests, and visit the NC Times website directly to continue following Bradley. NC Times has always been a great paper.

  5. Hey, I’ve got it! Brad posts anonymously! Bet he didn’t think of that!

    Both Brad and I prefer real names, but, as we previously suggested, the website mavens should be able to give special dispensations to those with good reason not to identify themselves.

    Indeed, I suspect that the NC TIMES would not care, as long as they were not associated with the posts (via being the employee).

    Still, I would prefer Brad post under his own name. It carries more weight and accountability. B I fully respect the right of the employer to set such a restriction if they wish.

  6. Bradley Fikes, I sure appreciate your reasoned professional approach. You do make people think. Don’t get that a lot these days.

  7. Brad, Rostra was proud to call you one of our own. Sadly like many good things it apparently was too good to last. The Libertarian Lass will continue to waive the Gadsden flag on our behalf with a tear in her eye. I hope you will continue to lurk out there… and perhaps share a tip or two with a fellow traveler.

  8. Quite a coincidence that Fikes criticizes a story in San Diego City Beat, and then gets his ticket canceled to write at Rostra anymore. Dave Maass has questioned Fikes’ right to speak out here quite often. Another example of the Left’s hypocrisy. They are all for free speech until someone criticizes them.

  9. Thank you for all the kind wishes!

    I had not looked at Rostra until now, because I was focused on far less controversial subjects, such as embryonic stem cells. (There was a big stem cell conference in La Jolla I wrote about. I am now going through my videos of the conference to post some of the most interesting clips. You all may be interested in what was said by Ian Wilmut, who led the team that cloned Dolly the sheep.)

    Sacto Sam is dead wrong about Dave Maass, who is relentlessly honest and a sincere friend of the First Amendment, someone whom I admire. Leftish politics wasn’t involved in my leaving Rostra as a blogger.

    So anyway, I’ll see you all in the comments, and around town. Now back to the stem cell videos . . .

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