More Politics as Usual: Legislative Accomplishments

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“The latest attack from our opponents is more politics as usual. This one will backfire too, because we welcome a discussion of Nathan’s remarkable legislative record passing landmark legislation like Chelsea’s Law, tax reform, and regulatory relief. In just three years in office, Nathan Fletcher has been author of more pieces of legislation than Bob Filner has in his twenty years in congress. What’s more, his opponents have missed far more votes than Nathan — DeMaio and Filner together have missed more than four times as many votes.

“This is just the latest sign that the city hall insiders fear Nathan’s independent candidacy and his rise in the polls.”

-Amy Thoma

Bob Filner: 137
Carl DeMaio: 88
Nathan Fletcher: 52

Bob Filner: Signed by the President, 6
Nathan Fletcher: Signed by the Governor, 29


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  1. Mr. Fletcher,

    How many days have you missed in the assembly THIS YEAR since you began your mayoral campaign?

    Do you feel it’s ethical to collect a taxpayer funded paycheck for work that you are not doing?

    And by “bringing everyone together” do you mean everyone but the “left & the right”?

  2. Is there an award for most obnoxious campaign team in America?

    Because if there is, you guys win, hands down.

  3. TWM – No kidding. Yesterday, they call a candidate a hypocrite. Today, they call an attack same old politics as usual.


  4. Nathan Fletcher, Independents, Democrats, and Republicans should join the effort to end Homelessness amongst Veterans and the chronically Homeless by legislation forcing the City of San Diego to take out a loan for the $200 they stole in Federal HUD debt. A Federal and State Trust Fund would be created to manage the account. The City of San Diego cannot be trusted.

    Congressman Filner promised to end Homelessness for all Veterans in San Diego by 2015 through the use of former Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Tax Increment (TI). In late December 2011, Congressman Bob Filner was on KUSI News in San Diego and was asked his view on Redevelopment’s death.

    Congressman Filner talked about the repayment of misappropriated $150 million in Federal HUD Debt including CDBG and Section 108 loans siting in now the City of San Diego’s RDA bank account that could be used immediately for Veterans Homeless with the help and approval of the State of California.

    Attached on Pages 3 and 4 please find a letter from Congressman Filner to Governor Brown requesting the misappropriated/stolen Federal HUD funds be return through an Accelerated Repayment Schedule into a secure Trust Fund specifically to end Homelessness amongst Veterans in San Diego.

    How about it Nathan? Please help end Veterans Homeless through State legislation with Democratic and Republican leadership and support.

    FYI. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to get rid of HUD, and all the million in Federal funds for Housing Vouchers to end Veterans Homeless in San Diego by the 2015 deadline which were secured by Congressman Filner.

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