Mexico claims racism is on the rise in the U.S.

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In a new El Universal, a Mexico City newspaper article, editors claim America is now racial profiling Latinos by encouraging law enforcement officers to enforce illegal immigration laws within U.S. borders.

The July, 14 article begins by detailing a letter that has been circulating the blogs and law enforcement agencies.

“This Monday, an unidentified group calling itself ‘Citizens concerned for the United States’ sent a document with data about 1,300 alleged undocumented persons to the security agencies of the state of Utah. The list of persons – the majority of Latin origin – includes names, telephones, addresses and dates of birth. The object: to deport them all. This unprecedented act shows how much hatred against Mexicans has grown in that country. It is worrisome because no answers to halt the xenophobia are forthcoming from the government and from organizations,” the story reads.

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  1. It’s pretty well documented that Mexico’s current immigration policy is harsher than the proposed Arizona law which specifically prohibits against racial profiling.

    Democrats in general have been making a big push lately with the racism card to advance their political agenda. The NAACP calling out “racial elements of the TEA Party” while making no mention of members of the Black Panthers’ leader who said he hates all white people is perhaps the most glaring example.

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