Measure to Support “Made in America” Labeling Signed by Governor Brown

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SACRAMENTO, CA – Legislation to allow manufacturers to label their products “Made in America” if no more than 10% of the final product is made outside of the United States was signed into law by Governor Brown.  Senate Bill 633, authored by Senator Hill (D-San Mateo/Santa Clara Counties) and Assemblyman Jones (R-Santee), changes California’s 100% “Made in America” labeling standard to keep up with the global economy and allow conformity to the federal standard used by the 49 other states. 

“The Legislature – after 5 years of working on this issue – has finally undone an overly burdensome regulation that has hurt California manufacturers since the 1960’s,” said Assemblyman Jones.  “This onerous regulation was brought to my attention in 2010 by Vinturi, Inc, wine aerators made in Carlsbad, California.  I’m pleased that Governor Brown signed this bill into law, allowing for manufacturers to market their products proudly displaying the “Made in America” label.” 

Senate Bill 633 would — by statute – allow a product to be labeled “Made in USA” if materials from outside the United States constitute not more than 5% of the final wholesale value of the product or if the manufacturer can show that articles, units, or parts from outside of the United States do not make up more than 10% of the final product.

Since his election to the Assembly, the Made in America issue has been one of Assemblyman Jones’ key legislative priorities, believing that current law has cast California in a negative light.  Senator Hill and Assemblyman Jones, seeing an unfair discrepancy in California law versus other states, teamed together to move the ball forward for California’s manufacturers.

SB 633 will take effect January 1, 2016.


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  1. Way to persevere, Brian, giving every proud California manufacturer a level playing field, finally, with the other 49 states, and a renewed desire to remain in the state.

    A long time coming. Too long. Congrats.

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