Mark Kersey Files for DeMaio’s Seat

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According to a tweet today from the Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis, Mark Kersey is running for DeMaio’s council seat.

@vosdscott Scott Lewis
I hear this guy is hoped for successor to @carldemaio, which would indicate DeMaio’s definitely running for mayor.

I didn’t think it was a secret that DeMaio was running for mayor but I guess he hasn’t formally announced.  I’ve heard Kersey’s name bantered about recently as the center-right consensus pick for DeMaio’s seat if/when he ran for Mayor but am not sure if there are other viable candidates out there.

Kersey is well connected: a board member of the Lincoln Club, and a frequent contributor to many of San Diego’s Republican elected officials.

This seat is currently a “safe republican” seat and is one of the few seats (maybe only) that is virtually certain to stay that way no matter how redistricting goes.

So with virtually no chance of a significant Democrat challanger could Kersey follow in DeMaio’s steps and walk away with it?   Anyone hearing of anyone else?


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  1. Whoa Nellie……

    There are reasonibly accurate rumors that one of the big pushes that the liberals will be making with the redistricting commission is to CHANGE, in some pretty fundamental ways, the NUMBERING on the districts. There is absolutely no guarantee what is the core of 5 today will be the District 5 of tommorow ;-(

    And, just to make your blood boil even more, the idea is to try to ensure that Pacific and Mission Beach, home to democrats who are not regular voters, is put into a district that will be voting during the Presidential Year. Double bonus for the liberals if they keep UCSD, USD, and SDSU in odd number districts as well.

    So great that Mr. Kersey is running. He might want to make sure he doesn’t also have to move.

  2. Post

    Interesting Erik. Maasive, I asked if anyone knew of any “viable” candidates, that guy does not seem to be a heavy hitter.

  3. I do not know either of these candidates. However, I do recall many did not consider Maienschein a viable candidate against Karen McElliott.

  4. Here is Mark Kersey’s response to my inquiry…

    “For the past several months I’ve reached out to community and political leaders to see if I would have the support necessary to mount a successful campaign to run for City Council. The response has been tremendous and assuming Councilman DeMaio officially decides to run for Mayor, I will run for his open seat.

    “In preparation, I have decided to officially move forward by completing my candidate intent statement and the paperwork to open an account.”

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    Yes and the Firefighters were interested in George George (exact same profile). How’d that work out?

  6. I just dry-heaved at the sight of Brian Maienschein’s name. Good luck to Mr. Kersey.

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