Malin Burnham Endorses Graham for Assembly

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Press Release

(San Diego, Calif.) – Malin and Roberta Burnham have endorsed Phil Graham for State Assembly. Burnham, one of San Diego’s most influential civic leaders, earned the nickname “Mr. San Diego” for his leadership in the city and region.

“I have known and worked with Phil Graham for many years,” said Burnham. “He is level-­headed and thoughtful, and his common-­sense is exactly what is needed in Sacramento today.”

In 1996, the Burnhams got deeply involved in the La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation, which was renamed the Burnham Institute, and helped make the organization one of the leading medical research facilities in the world. For more than four and a half years, Graham worked at the now-­Sanford-­Burnham-­Prebys Medical Discovery Institute with facilities in La Jolla and Orlando, Florida.

“Life sciences is a critical part of the economic growth of our region and we need legislators in the capital who understand what needs to happen to foster that growth,” said Burnham. “Phil understands the importance of these institutes and companies and the challenges they face to remain here in San Diego.”

“Malin and Roberta Burnham are unparalleled in their impact on our region,” said Graham. “Their involvement in establishing San Diego as the jewel of California is known throughout the region and their philanthropy, and their interest in improving the lives of others, has established San Diego as the premiere life sciences cluster in the world. I am grateful for their support and friendship.”


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  1. I have known Malin for decades, including the 4 and a half years I worked at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. He epitomizes the philosophy of “community before self” and has donated to and changed San Diego for the better more than almost anyone I can think of.

    I am honored and humbled that my friend and mentor endorsed my candidacy. God bless you Malin.

  2. Phil,

    Rostrafarians love a candidate that actually engages a bit on the blog!


  3. Actually, Mr. Graham, Malin Burnham is a poor choice to persuade Republicans that you’re the guy we need in the State Assembly. Burnham is not so much “Mr. San Diego” (where did THAT title come from??) as Mr. Crony Capitalism of San Diego. While he’s definitely supported some worthy charities, he’s also worked tirelessly for taxpayer subsidies for businesses. Top of the list is his long-time obsession with pro sports subsidies at taxpayer expense.

    Burnham is a longtime supporter of higher taxes — I don’t recall him EVER opposing a local tax increase. I’m not sure, but logically that means he likely supported the city’s ill-fated Prop D, the 2010 sales tax increase that went down in flames.

    I’ve grown to think of Malin Burham as “Mr. Downtown Business Subsidy,” but that’s not entirely fair — given his unflagging support in the past for Mission Valley stadium subsidies for the Chargers.

    Yes, he’s surely a big campaign donor, and he can bring the rain from similar crony capitalists for your campaign, but for many of us more traditional, limited government Republicans, that’s hardly an endorsement to crow about.

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