Mail: College Board wants to break promise to East County Taxpayers

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It’s not even an election year and we have some mail!

Following up on the post regarding the San Diego County Taxpayers Association’s revocation of its support for a 2012 Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District bond measure (see earlier press release), Rostra was sent the following mailer, which apparently will be in East County mailboxes soon…

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  1. Excluding nonunion companies doesn’t make sense because public works contracts require payment of “prevailing wages” anyway. If the nonunion contractors would have to pay union wages, all this policy does is eliminate competition.

  2. All kidding aside, today’s unions — public and private — are little more than middle class extortion rackets.

  3. Craig Maxwell, I have no problem with true PRIVATE sector unions — though the current rigged government-imposed advantages they have should be dramatically reformed to “level the playing field.” Indeed, with proper freedom safeguards, such unions should be welcome.

    But GOVERNMENT labor unions should be banned. We don’t have a military labor union, and for darn sure we should NEVER have police and firefighter “associations” (their kinder, gentler name for their labor unions). Indeed, as I see it, NO government sanctioned monopoly should be allowed to have labor unions — public or private (such as SDG&E). It should be part of the price the workers pay for getting jobs in monopoly entities.

  4. About the legality and/or advisability of public unions, Richard, I couldn’t agree more.
    Public unions. Not.
    But even private unions, it seems to me, have (because of things like prevailing wage) pretty much outlived their primary reason for being. I worked at a union shop for years, and can tell you first hand that, at least in our case, the unions did little more than leach off the (mostly indifferent) members.

  5. Whether or not you support labor unions in concept, union labor represents just 15 percent of the total professional construction workforce in San Diego County, which includes the East County. (BTW, this is true nationwide as well). This proposed agreement would discriminate against 85 percent of the workforce.

    One of the key “selling points” of Prop V was creating work for local contractors and economic investment in East County. You can forget that. A PLA will force the District to bring in union labor from outside San Diego County. What a shame that would be for our local workforce.

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