Life Guards on the Beach

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Ever wonder what lifeguards at the beach do on an average summer weekend? Here’s a small taste of some incident’s covering just the northern half of Encinitas’ beaches last weekend.

1.     Friday September 28th, at 14:35 Moonlight Beach a 15yr Male struck his head on ocean floor. He was transported to Scripps La Jolla TraumaCenter. The boy suffered spinal injuries, confirmed fractures  reported via his Mother – a trauma nurse. Mother asked if I would express to City & staff of the work and professionalism by Lifeguard staff & Medic unit.

2.     Saturday September 29th, at 16:58 Moonlight Beach North, 24yr Male near drowning was transported to ER. He is expected full recovery. The Male was a poor swimmer.  The incident occurred in shallow water with lifeguards on scene immediately.

3.     Saturday September 29th, at 17:33 “D” St. Beach – Cliff Rescue.

4.     Sunday September 30th, at 17:38 Beacons Beach South – The Lifeguard tower was contacted by a beach goer for someone down south of the tower and unknown if they were in the water or on the beach. The Beacons Guard found the beach patron, a Male, face down south of his tower on the beach – NO breathing or pulse.  The guard called it in and started CPR. Lifeguard truck arrived on scene with an AED – Guards delivered one shock with a positive effect; victim regained a pulse and started breathing on his own. This was a possible heart attack on the beach.

5.     Monday September 31st, 07:06 Grandview Beach a Man called in to reported a Shark sighting outside of the surf line. His report was that the shark had been swimming near some surfers for a period of time. Guard responded to this via a report from Sheriff Dispatch to the Nor-Com Dispatch. Arrived 4-5 minutes later and interviewed 8 local surfers on the beach access. All 8 locals stated that the reporting person had left the beach and that the person misinterpreted a piece of kelp for a shark in the water. They also pointed out the object in the water hadn’t moved. Pointing it out guard was able to ID it with the aid of binoculars as a piece of kelp. We are still in the process of tracking down and contacting the RP for details.

It’s going to be a toasty Labor Day weekend and the good people looking out for your safety at the beach will be very busy, but not to busy for you to smile and say thanks if you get the chance.


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