Lies, Lies, and More Damn Lies

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For the last two weeks Nathan Fletcher has been telling anyone who will listen two things:

(1) He’s ‘already raised’ 300k and

(2) The Labor Council will endorse him.

Why? It was a concerted propaganda move to intimidate other Democrats out of the race. That has obviously failed, now that Councilman David Alvarez is in, with an overwhelming Labor Council endorsement.

Look for a Democrat Party endorsement for the councilman too — even though the former chairman of the Party was running around like his hair was on fire last week trying to round up Fletcher votes! Ooops! Jess, don’t you know who pays the Democrat bill? Hint: the Labor Council is the dog, you are the tail.

This brings me to Fletcher’s second claim: that he has already raised 300k. I call bullsh*t. Someone sent me the disclosed numbers of 1k donors the other day and Fletcher had like 3 dozen. Not sure how you get to 300k with anything less than a couple hundred 1k donors.

Want to know what I think? I think Fletcher’s money last time around was largely Republican, from all over the state and country. I don’t think there is much of a local Democrat fundraising base here in town for Fletcher to mine and many of them are going to be hostile to him and favor a progressive. I’ve got to imagine his Republican fundraising base is dead since I can’t find even a mild Republican donor who doesn’t froth at the mouth when old Fletch is mentioned.


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  1. big D indigo Democrat here again and really appreciate the info and insight you guys provide…don’t agree with you guys on a lot, but respect your coherence and consistency–on my side sometimes thats in short supply; anyway feel obligated to pass on to you guys a little chuckle at Nathan’s expense…I was chatting with a friend about Lori Saldana and her pitch that there are no women in the race and given Filner’s problems the city really needs a woman running city hall. My friend just chuckled and said–“Actually that might not be true…if Nathan began ‘transitioning’ right now, by the time of the primary he could be far enough a long to pass as a woman…and by the time of runoff, maybe the job would be done?” I laughed so hard beer was coming out my nose.

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