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As Major Coastal Commission Vote Looms, DeMaio Issues a Call-to-Action to Urge Support for Stalled Navy-Broadway Project

Calling it the “single most important military project proposed in San Diego in decades,” Councilmember Carl DeMaio today called on the California Coastal Commission to drop its efforts to block construction of the much-anticipated new Navy Headquarters in San Diego.

 “The importance of completing the new Navy Headquarters project cannot be over-stated: literally thousands of jobs each year – and billions in long-term economic benefits – are on the line for San Diego,” noted DeMaio.

 DeMaio issued a public call to action – urging local elected officials and citizens to speak out now in support of the project.  San Diegans have less than a week left to voice their support for this important project.  The California Coastal Commission will vote on the project at its next meeting, scheduled to meet in the Oceanside City Council Chambers at 9am on Wednesday, November 3.

 In a letter to the Coastal Commission, DeMaio explained the importance of the project to San Diego’s future and the need to grant approval to the project without further delay. DeMaio cited the economic impact of the project, as well as the positive change the project will bring to a blighted area of the waterfront as reasons to support the proposal.

 “In an era where the Defense Department may soon be weighing another round of base closures, we must send a clear message to the Navy: We want to partner with you and ensure that the jobs you create remain here in San Diego,” said DeMaio.

 Constructing the Navy Broadway Complex is a major aspect of Carl DeMaio’s “Pathway to Prosperity” job creation initiative, released in September of this year. In addition to providing the Navy with a state-of-the-art facility for their West Coast headquarters for their Pacific operations, the Navy Broadway Complex project literally transforms San Diego’s waterfront to provide a 1.9-acre public park, wide pedestrian walkways, public art, and other amenities.

 The public can voice their support of this project to the Coastal Commission at (619)767-2370, by fax at (619)767-2384, by email to mdelaplaine@coastal.ca.gov, or by mail to: California Coastal Commission, 7575 Metropolitan Drive Ste. 103, San Diego, CA 92108.

 For more information on Carl DeMaio’s proposals to create jobs, please visit: www.sandiego.gov/cd5.


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  1. I want to expres my opinion for a yes vote by the coastal commission on the Navy Project on Broadway. Do not stifle growth in San Diego as many jobs are at stake.

  2. Besides jobs, many lives and our Nation’s Homeland Security is at stake. San Diego has been hiding scientific evidence, and has refused to confirm or deny active faulting under the high-rise structures founded on liquefiable soils.


    Please watch the 10 News Investigation video linked above. After fault buffer setbacks are established, it is still possible to build the Navy’s west coast high-rise Headquarters on the site, but not at the planned location or density due to site constraints.

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