League of Gonzalez Voters backs Fletcher

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Yesterday, Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat Nathan Fletcher received an endorsement from the environmental group known as the League of Conservation Voters. They’re the folks who put out an annual scorecard on important City environmental issues including a resolution supporting the Brown Act, the fireworks litigation, managed competition for stormwater employees, and the Convention Center expansion (here’s the 2012 report from LCV).

The most interesting part of this mayoral race for many on the right is to watch the fascinating rift between “progressive” groups. While we’ve realized for some time the LCV is nothing but a front group for the preferences of the Gonzalez siblings, apparently those in the pro-David Alvarez camp are just now coming to the same conclusion. The left-leaning political blog, San Diego Politico, posted about the inconsistencies on the LCV endorsement, specifically noting that Fletcher only received a lifetime score of 48 percent from the group, while Alvarez can boast an 88 percent.

What the blog doesn’t do is take a look at the LCV board members as listed on the group’s website. A quick glance shows that about a third of the members have worked for either Marco Gonzalez or sister Lorena at some point in their careers. I’m pretty confident that includes Livia, Todd, Evan, Lucas, Humberto, and Lorena herself.

It looks like LCV’s credentials as an environmental organization are as flimsy as Fletcher’s as a true liberal. Which, I guess, is a match made in politically expedient heaven.


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  1. What this really demonstrates is that the LCV is nothing more than a front group and the scores are meaningless. They simply cherry pick issues that make Democrats look good and Republicans look bad.

    Or maybe they just drank the Fletcher Kool-Aid and are willing to ignore his voting record. I suppose the LCV understands Nathan’s willingness to do whatever it takes to get elected. Once he left the Republican Party and lost the election as an Independent, he realized he needed a base. Voila, Nathan Fletcher jumps ship again and reinvents himself as a Democrat.

    Does anyone on the Left or the Right (LCV) really believe that Fletcher is a man of his word? Fletcher was barely a Republican when he was in the Assembly and it is likely that he will barely be a Democrat if (God forbid) he becomes mayor.

    Does anyone know if LCV even sent out a questionnaire for the endorsement? If they want to come clean on their decision to endorse Fletcher then they should release all the candidates’ completed questionnaires.

  2. David’s campaign manager, Gab, is on their board. Can’t be a good deal for her these days. She’s a good egg, but boy that board is packed.

    Great post Rostra.

  3. The LCV endorsement is worthy of discussion while Governor Brown’s endorsement doesn’t even get a mention?

  4. T.A.,

    I thought the only intent was to discuss items that were critical of Nathan Fletcher. 🙂

  5. Hypocrisy, I’ll mention.
    After supporting Brown’s massive income tax hike and sales tax hike last year, the Qualcomm executives called a favor in and got Brown to endorse Fletcher.

    Consider it mentioned.

  6. HQ:

    That IS funny!

    But, it does bring up a point. In 2011 and 12, Fletcher, Dumanis and DeMaio were all contributors to Rostra as mayoral candidates, and all did interviews with us. Filner refused our invitations, no doubt because we are a “right wing blog.” We understand.

    The day Fletcher became an independent, one of the Rostra admins asked why he wasn’t posting his youtube announcement here, telling him, “You left the Republican Party, we’d like to be able to say you didn’t leave Rostra.” He then had it posted.

    When he became a Democrat, it was either his choice or the choice of his handlers to stop providing anything to Rostra, no doubt because his sentiments are similar to Filner’s about us. We understand.

  7. Michael,

    Thank you. Now I feel much better knowing that I only have to ask you if I am unsure of the inner workings at Qualcomm and the Governor’s office.

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