Latinos Shock Telemundo and Pick Trump as the First Presidential Debate Winner!

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A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden was a “bleep” show, but Trump edged Biden and won. The reason? The Latino voter! A post-debate Latino poll, while unscientific, leaped out because of its disparity – it was Trump by 2/3. It wasn’t even close.

As a Latino, I want to give you a viewpoint that allows you to understand why an unscientific poll caught my attention. This is an opinion piece from a former liberal who’s now conservative. My background isn’t unique but also not common.

Latinos are diverse, and passionate; my take is just one way to look at it. Right or wrong, we follow the “strong man,” and Trump can, and is swaying that demographic. Others will disagree, but as I say, we have different backgrounds and thus different views.

Technology through social media gave us the debate atmosphere. We’re so divided we can’t even communicate with one another, and sadly, this debate mirrored today’s society. The biased moderating of Chris Wallace, pressing one candidate (Trump) over the other (Biden) as the new norm, also contributed to the debacle. Trump was debating both.

However, the reality is there were too many missed opportunities by Trump, and his constant ill-advised interruptions may have cost him potential new voters. While Trump had missed opportunities, when you analyze the debate, you can see the moderator ignoring Biden’s dilemmas – SCOTUS, the Green New Deal, law enforcement, etc. I understood why Trump was seething, but by consistently interrupting, he may have helped Biden. Biden steps in it the longer he speaks, and the interruptions helped him avoid that.

Mostly, nothing changed in most voter’s minds. While the poll I shall reference is unscientific, most current polling is partisan when you break the methodology down – who they ask, how they ask, and the questions asked. When analyzed, we find too many polls favor Democrat candidates and policies.

I’m not an expert, but I know surveys and polls, not because I’m in and follow politics. Instead, I used to conduct them for my business. They’re not demanding, but we must follow specific rules because any deviation can create bias. Much of it’s how you word the question and in politics, it’s who you select to poll and their backgrounds. While I won’t defend this poll and agree it’s an anomaly, no one can prove or disprove it. I back up my thoughts with data, view this poll as an excellent discussion point with the debate as a backdrop.

The Debate: A Product of Technology

Around the turn of the century, meeting with my staff, we were discussing the trade association seminars. That usually meant a “Papa Bear” discussion about life. How to carry ourselves, network, and conference goals. These conferences helped secure and build old and new partnerships as we were the leading site in providing news and creating content for various organizations, including Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, FOX Sports and yea, we owned that industry! I digress…

After the discussion, I calmly watched one manager text, and another begin chatting via a chat program. These were actions traditionally done with a phone and meetings. Old-fashioned ways people ran their business; however, while this was the new accepted way, it created a massive hole in the average worker’s growth and development. It lacked human contact and interaction.

An Epiphany!

Watching this, I had an epiphany – technology was destroying their ability to communicate, write, and socialize. The staff, mostly early twenties, with some working for me for several years – since high school or college.

Watching these interactions gave me an immediate pause. Seeing these young men work, I realized what technology was doing. In office, we did almost everything through chat (AOL, ICQ, ETC.). Away from the computer, regardless of friends or businesses, they weren’t calling as much as texting.

Whether friends, networking, women, or whatnot, without a go-between (chat, or text, etc.), interactions were a struggle for them. When we went out as a group, I saw this. At parties, I saw this. At professional events, I saw this.

  • For the first time, not only did I worry about them but society too.
Lack of Civil Discourse Grows

Before today’s social media platforms, “forums” were their predecessors, and ours had, if memory serves, approximately 70,000 and quickly grew beyond our ability to maintain civility.

As they grew, so did members who I call self-righteous, 700-pound gorillas. They would say anything and everything behind a computer that they’d never say to your face. That’s exponentially grown worse.

Lack of Civil Discourse Exponentially Blows Up!

We have a problem with civil discourse – to socialize and communicate. Now, people get in your face, form mobs, create violence, destroy, rob, and even murder. To make it worse, many use social media to encourage and coordinate it. That’s become acceptable for the Democratic Party as the riots prove.

While old-timers (think 40-plus) are still happy being 700-pound gorillas behind their computers, the damage they do is just as bad. I see it daily with my peers in the sports world – the worst being minorities (beat reporters and ex-athletes) who’ve made it, now screaming about being victims instead of becoming role models to young minorities.

They preach hate based on skin color instead of teaching a hard work ethic that can change their world and positively affect those around them. Instead of pragmatism, while instilling hope, they teach excuses and victimhood. They have an outlook that fails to keep minorities hopeful and to work harder to achieve greatness.

  • It’s stunning to see minorities who had the strength and perseverance to overcome, teaching the exact opposite!
Social Media Created the Debate Atmosphere

This lack of civility culminated in the first debate. I believe it’s a social media product – predated by forums and now Facebook, Twitter, and others, such as TikTok and Instagram.

While a lack of civility is gaining notice, we did see this in the Democrat primary debates. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) played the race card. Far-leftist Julio Castro, a former Obama aid, derogatorily attacked Joe Biden on age and race, while trying to gain traction in a campaign that went nowhere. Go back and look at them and how they talked over one another, the name-calling, racial overtones – they were vicious.

It’s easy to blame Trump, but he’s a product of fighting every day against the false narrative the mainstream media paints him with – even when they’re proven wrong! Trump’s a fighter, and Trump will be Trump. Taking no quarter and fighting back on every issue, no matter how small or large.

Crowley, Raddatz,and Now Chris Wallace: Moderator Bias… Again! 

Trump, early on, appeared desperate. However, when a president receives 95% of unfair, negative media coverage, while protecting his opponent, Biden, and giving him 67% positive coverage, I understand why the President went in ready for war. We knew there would be moderator bias, but combined with Trump’s minimal debate prep – it’s not surprising to see what happened. Especially when you realize the truth and who interrupted first!

The debate began with a back and forth – Trump spoke, then Biden, then Trump. That’s when Biden, then Chris Wallace (the moderator), interrupted him. That’s when the chaos began, including an openly hostile moderator toward the President.

Presidential moderators since 2012 remind me of Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock” because they’re moderators on steroids, with an open willingness to help their ideological allies – Democrats.

In 2012, CNN leftist, Candy Crowley, eagerly lying to save President Barrack Hussein Obama against Mitt Romney wrongly (purposely?) covered for him. However, once confirmed a lie, the mainstream media refused to cover it. Doing so would mean helping Romney. They would never state the individuals who lied were Crowley and Obama.

Then there’s Martha Raddatz, an ABC reporter who believes because she reports on a topic, she’s an expert, which we know, especially with reporters, is furthest from the truth. In 2016, she and her co-moderator, Anderson Cooper, helped Hillary Rodham Clinton by attacking and repeating questions Trump had already answered, much as Wallace did.

Two points (too many to list):

  • Raddatz wedding – one of her honored guests was none other than Barrack Hussein Obama.
  • Raddatz election night – she cried on live television when Hillary Clinton lost.

While we thought no one could top Ms. Crowley, Wallace took it to another level. President Donald Trump had a strategy but grossly miscalculated tactics. No one can defend all his interrupting, but it was Biden and Wallace who opened that door by interrupting Trump, minutes after the debate began.

Trump was already a fuse waiting to go off as he’s had it with, as he states, #FakeNewsMedia and its 95% negative coverage. When reviewing presidential debates, the past two cycles, statistically, there’s no doubt of media bias; therefore anchors and journalists from those networks will carry their bias over as moderators.

Trump Debating Wallace and Biden; Wallace Never Pressed Biden!

Wallace kept pressing Trump for answers – that’s fine – but refused to use the same vigor and tone toward Biden. He purposely allowed Biden to get away with not answering many questions:

  • Packing SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States).
  • Doing away with the Senate filibuster.
  • Stating he doesn’t support the Green New Deal despite his website displaying otherwise.

These are just a few, Wallace refused to pursue Biden on. It was clear President Trump was debating not only Biden but Wallace.

  • As a debate moderator myself, I can tell you, this was bias moderating.

Why didn’t Wallace ask Biden:

  • To reject ANTIFA and BLM (Black Lives Matter) and press him if he wouldn’t answer?
  • To name any law and order organization that endorses him?

BLM and ANTIFA are today’s modern-day KKK (Ku Klux Klan) as the violent, militant enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. The riots show this. By supporting them, Biden’s lost all law enforcement, but Wallace purposely ignored this topic.

Debate Moments and Missed Opportunities

Most Memorable Sound Bite

The most memorable sound bite of the night came courtesy of Trump:

  • “In 47 months, I’ve done more than you have in 47 years.”

This statement should be the campaign’s new slogan. Democrats will hate it because when you compare the president’s accomplishments for Americans, including minorities and black Americans specifically, you’ll find Biden has minimal achievements with results – making it a winner for Trump.

However, Trump failed to highlight his accomplishments. The president mentioned them, but not to the point they made a lasting, memorable impact. He must change that at the next debate.

Trump’s Missed Opportunities!

President Trump came to fight, but his energy, anger, and lack of discipline, made him lose sight of the bigger picture. He failed, especially when Biden gave him so many openings:

  • President Trump gave us the lowest unemployment rates for minorities in our country’s history – black, Latino, and Asians.
    • A direct contrast to the Obama and Biden regime, which kept telling America about the “new normal,” meaning manufacturing and other jobs weren’t coming back.
  • He gave us the “First Step Act” that freed many minorities serving prison sentences that didn’t equate with the crime committed.
    • A direct contrast to Biden, who called young black men “predators” and helped write “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act,” better known as the “Crime Bill of 1994.”
  • He funded Historically Black College Universities (HBCU) and guaranteed them for the next ten years.
    • A direct contrast to the Obama and Biden regime, who toyed with HBCU’s every year, whereas Trump guaranteed help, long-term.

Biden and Minorities? His Own Words Indict Him

Surpassing Trump’s failure to showcase his achievements was his lack of specifics on how Biden’s treated minorities. The irony is that Biden has over 40-years of friendships with racists, creating laws that specifically targeted minorities, and has more derogatory comments than I can list where he denigrates us.

These are just a few of Biden’s controversial – let’s call it what they are – racist comments the mainstream media refuses to cover and instead cover-up.

  • “I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American, who is articulate and bright and clean and [a] nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”
    • Biden was speaking about presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. My first thought? Jesse Jackson (D) and Alan Keyes (R) and other black Americans who’ve run for President. This belief comes from an old stereotype of black culture and how they speak, but “clean?” I don’t follow that at all.
  • “People would come to him and talk about what was happening to them at home in terms of foreclosures, in terms of bad loans that were being – I mean, these Shylocks who took advantage of these women and men while overseas.”
    • “Shylock” references a character in the Shakespeare play, “The Merchant of Venice,” who was greedy – like a loan shark. This derogatory stereotype is common among leftists race-baiters to create a frenzy of hate. Two of the best known are Obama and Biden friends – Reverends David Wright and Louis Farrakhan. Two well-known anti-Semites and racists.
  • “We should challenge students in these schools. We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”
    • Biden’s belief and implication that only minorities are poor. He got lucky and caught himself and corrected the derogatory remarks, but said what he believed – which aligns with past comments.
  • “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”
    • Do I even need to explain this one? It’s as racist as they come.

These are just a few quotes. Biden’s also shown his love for segregationist friends in politics. Including but not limited to late Democrat Governor George Wallace. The late Democrat U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, a Ku Klux Klan Kleagle (a recruiter) and then chapter leader in the KKK, with the title, “Exalted Cyclops.”

Yet, Wallace touched on none of it, confirming his bias and reminding us of Crowley, Raddatz, Cooper, and others. Trump didn’t help himself either, as he showed no patience to allow Biden to talk himself into a hole as he started to do so many times.

Same Obamacare Mantra but Different Battlefield

Democrats still believe the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a strength, and it is for their base. Yet, Americans now experience this monstrosity firsthand; it’s not an enjoyable experience for millions of us.

Fooling Americans with false claims before Obamacare’s implementation in the early years was easier than now. Now that we’ve experienced this atrocity, we want nothing to do with it and want it gone!

My issues with Obamacare show why it’s an abomination. My family epitomizes the self-employed or small-business owner who was the first to feel the wrath of this unjust law and government overreach.

  • Before Obamacare: I paid about $3K yearly for a quality PPO (preferred provider organization).
  • After Obamacare 2020: I’m paying about $15K for a similar plan.
  • Today: small business owners still pay the price, but Obama, through executive order, protected Congress, and their staffs by subsidizing their Obamacare costs.

President Trump could gain small business Latino voters still impacted by Obamacare who voted for Clinton in 2016, but only if he can magnify this in the next debate. On top of that, he failed to counter Biden’s Medicaid claims (out of context) and overall false perceptions versus healthcare truths.

ANTIFA is an Idea?

Remember, it was Biden who idiotically said, ANTIFA is an idea. Leftists backed it up by stating the FBI director said it. Regardless, Biden went too far because we can see the violent rioters, looting, pillaging, creating mayhem and yes, murdering people.

I remind Americans the Supreme Court said blacks, enslaved or free, had no constitutional rights (Dred Scott v. Sandford). In essence, they had no right to sue in court. Just because we recognize an organization or person as a legitimate authority doesn’t always make them right. The Dred Scott decision proves this. Most don’t know but this SCOTUS ruling hastened the Civil War.

Biden probably doesn’t realize it, but that comment will hurt his support from both Latino and blacks on the fence because of the violence we see daily in our communities. When you destroy minority-owned businesses and deny the destruction, common sense dictates, you’ll lose voters in those neighborhoods.

Understanding Latinos and Gladiatorial Blood Baths

The debates between presidential candidates are the closest we get to the gladiatorial blood lust envisioned in the Roman Colosseum. We demand them before crowning our next emperor. We’re a violent species – history proves that – and we have a predisposition for it.

Ratings also prove this: 73 million viewers saw the first Trump versus Biden debate, and 84 million saw the first Trump versus HRC debate. Only the Super Bowl garners more viewers.

It’s the only time we see candidates stand on their own, without outside help – moderators withstanding!

Latinos and the Alpha Male / Strong Man

Latinos, as a culture, gravitate toward the strong man, the alpha male. They love someone who’ll be dominant and take charge. We’ll follow them into battle, and that’s what Trump personifies. You may disagree, but you’re mistaken. Latina women love alpha males too and it’s most women, not just Latina’s!

Psychology professor Jordan Peterson speaks on this. Women gravitate toward the “bad boy” versus what they state they want, “pajama boys,” and “dad bods.” He states there’s a reason for the enormous worldwide success of “50 Shades of Gray” and Harlequin books. Who are we to disagree with common sense?

While the left promotes “pajama boys” and “dad bods,” the reality is those are facades Latinos don’t believe in, but leftists are trying to force on us. As Biden and Chris Berman (ESPN) would say, “C’MON MAN!”

  • The feminized male is a leftist – mostly white – vision they want every culture to adopt.

President Obama epitomized this.

  • Who can forget Obama riding a girl’s bike, with mom jeans; a tucked in shirt, and an overall unmanly look topped off by his helmet? Sadly, “dork” came to mind!

Hey, wrong or right, the look of Obama, the pajama boy, didn’t strike a positive chord with Latinos across the country. I know not one Latino or Latina that found that a manly look. In fact, most felt embarrassment over our president looking so unmanly.

I chuckle when I think of “machismo” across cultures and their portrayal in movies. Can you imagine the dad bod, pajama boy, leftist hero, taking out Bruce Lee? Shaft, Chuck Norris (can anything take Chuck out?), David (of Goliath fame) or Chespirito or El Chavo del Ocho?

Okay, the last two are inside jokes – Latinos will get it, the rest; look it up! Hell, I still put my money on those two over the pajama boy, dad bod, HA!

America Can Learn From Latinos

Once the debate began, and chaos followed, it reminded me of a trip to Panama in 2014. It was about 2 a.m., a typical muggy early morning in the barrio where my family lives – right outside Colon, Panama’s second-largest city and one richly intertwined with European and American history. We were smoking, drinking, and enjoying life.

However, the Panamanian presidential election was right around the corner. This time seven were competing for the prize to lead Panama to greater glory.

A group of us, nearly a dozen, including women, were debating – if you call, shouting, riling others up, chastising and congratulating missed, and drop mic moments debating, then we were debating!

As an Americanized Panamanian, who couldn’t vote in the election, I was family and know politics. Panamanians have a fascination with America; thus, they always ask my take on political issues to get the American perspective.

I predicted Juan Carlos Varela, a dark horse candidate (not in the top two), would win, and many howled their disagreement.

  • ¿Oye blanquito, que basura hablas?”, “¿Dicen que sabes politico, humph?” “¿Que estas fumando, blanquito? ¡Estás loco si crees que Varela va ganar!”

Those seeking a translation; they disagreed with my choice, so I became the butt of some jokes, but I had the last laugh, Varela won!

While these candidate’s supporters were inches from one another’s face, hollering, fingers pointing, it was passion. I realized no one acted as if they were going to go to the next level – a fight.

Latinos are Passionate People

It was thrilling watching this and knowing my country, our country, the United States of America; this could never happen. Democrats, too full of hate, can’t separate politics from friendships and family. Now? It’s even worse – they’re willing to become violent.

Residents trying to sleep were yelling at us to shut the hell up and go to bed, like a scene straight out of a movie. I would say a comedy, but these men and women spoke from the heart about their candidate with passion – not hate – something we can no longer claim in the states.

I saw forceful personalities, talking about the strength and power their candidates would bring.

  • Latinos are passionate people who gravitate toward powerful individuals willing to get dirty for and with us.

If the average American had seen us screaming, hollering, and becoming as intense as we do, they would assume physical blows would come next.

Until we can discuss and debate the issues in a rational mind, this hate will continue because leftist politicians keep and grow their base through division. I say Democrat because I’ve not seen Republicans excuse or support the violence we’re seeing.

Trump – Today’s Political Alpha Male

In Donald Trump, Latinos – both men and women – see a strong man. Someone willing to get dirty and fight, defend the working class, and get in an elites’ face as Trump has done.

Latinos are seeing Biden, not only as an old man but as a puppet controlled by leftist masters, no different from marionettes appointed by dictators from the countries we flee. However, Biden was once an “alpha male.”

The Yesteryear Alpha Male… Joe Biden

Joe Biden personified a “strong man” as recently as 2012 when he ran circles around VP candidate, Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI). Ryan didn’t know what hit him as Biden used old-school tactics and tore into him, making him look like a prepubescent boy getting bullied by a man. Ironically, the left didn’t mind when Biden did this to Ryan.

Regardless of the irony, that’s the Biden of old because now he’s just old! We wonder if he can even finish a first term.

Future Debates  – Biden Proponents: “¡NO MAS!”

If Biden won the debate as the mainstream media claims and showed himself to be the stronger, more capable man on stage, why – after the debate – would they state “¡no mas!” to future debates?

Logic dictates; keep the debates going. Wouldn’t they help Biden? Especially in battleground states? Yet, they’re calling to cancel them.

If he does, Latinos will see Biden as weak and judge him worthless. Latinos want our leaders not to cower and run away. Dropping out would create a monumental challenge to an already struggling campaign to woo Latinos.

Why President Donald J. Trump Won the Debate?

Let’s make something clear, and it’s not even debatable – Telemundo’s a leftist network. Ironically, NBC – another leftist network – has a stake in Telemundo, so the fact they skew left isn’t in doubt. Their reporting aligns more with leftist networks, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Two-Thirds of Latinos: Trump Crushed Biden!

While most of us saw a debacle take place, Telemundo viewers saw something else. They saw an “Alpha Male,” a strong man, a fighter not willing to back down. These viewers understood the bias and unfair moderating and can see what’s happening. We’re not stupid.

We recognize this because we come from state-sponsored media. I saw it daily in Panama as a child with the regime of Omar Efraín Torrijos, then as an adult with Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno!

While this poll was unscientific, as stated, Telemundo’s a leftist station, so the odds of this poll happening is stunning and shocking. It left them in denial. Latinos said Trump won the debate, and it wasn’t even close:

Telemundo Hiding Favorable Trump Data?

Ironically, but not surprising: I spent over a ½ hour searching for this poll at Telemundo’s website, and if it’s there, it’s not easily accessible. I couldn’t find it! It appears as if they’ve removed or buried it, thus confirming the leftist network strategy – a willingness to suppress or remove anything pro-Trump.

  • What they are promoting? The lie that Trump didn’t condemn “White Supremacy!”

Latinos Are Conservative and Evangelical Christians

Adding to Latinos’ beliefs, we’re more conservative than Democrats or the mainstream media want you to believe. While the Republican Party has ignored that, Trump hasn’t, and recognizes that, especially in battleground states.

It’s another reason his favorability is rising – he’s directly engaging us. Many don’t see this because they view the “evangelical vote” as mostly white, but many Latino beliefs and values align with evangelicals. While it’s more immigrants and first-generation, the Latino Christian support is there.

  • In 2016 Trump was at 15% Latino Christian favorability
  • In 2020 Trump has 32% Latino Christian favorability and growing.

Latino Culture Does Not = Black Culture

The Democratic Party decided in 2012 that they no longer cared about the “white vote” as much as consolidating minorities, regardless of the division and hate it would bring across the board.

The unknown they ignorantly failed to realize is that Latinos are not monolithic. About 90% of black Americans pull the trigger for Democrats because they believe the company lie, Republicans are racist, but Latino’s aren’t falling for it.

Democrat’s shocked, fail to understand our diversity – the various countries we hail from and the cultures that embody who we are. We symbolize the term “mestizo.” We’ve faced racism from Americans and Europeans – not just white, but from black, Asian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures. I’ve seen this firsthand.

Latinos: Law and Order and the Land of Opportunity!

Many legal immigrants coming here are fleeing their countries. Sure, it’s for a better life, but there are two specific reasons they come.

  1. Law and Order.
  2. Our economic prosperity makes us the “land of opportunity.”

Every legal immigrant believes in law and order. We don’t support Illegal Aliens; we don’t support “defunding the police.”

We’re fleeing the following governments:

  • Dictatorships
  • Communism
  • Marxism
  • Socialism
  • Corrupt democracies

People like to tell us there are differences in these ideologies. However, what they have in common is that it’s the few – the elites – dictating to the masses how we’ll live, how we’ll raise our children, what jobs we’ll work, and how much we’ll earn.

They dictate what is and isn’t right. These governments take away our ability to speak freely. To defend ourselves by taking our guns and telling us what religion we can follow – if any. The God they want us to bow down to – big, corrupt government with the few picking winners and losers!

Legal immigrants fled those regimes, but now, the Democratic Party is embracing it through BLM and its open Marxism. Through Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s (D-NY) socialist programs that use redistribution as its core for social justice. Something that’s never worked; only enriching the elites and no one else. Sander’s become a millionaire through politics. He’s never had a successful job outside politics. He represents the future of those who take and don’t contribute! We’re seeing through this.

  • Democrat leaders refusing to condemn, but support BLM and ANTIFA violence are pushing Latinos away from Biden.

If the Republican Party had any brains, they’d use this to dissuade us from the Democrat Party, especially in California. Sadly, the CAGOP is as impotent as a porn star without Viagra!

Trump’s Favorability

Donald Trump is only the second Republican in my life making an open play for the Latino vote – Richard M. Nixon was the first. Trump’s play is one reason we’ve seen the violence we have. Especially with leftists throwing the term racist around like confetti. The Democratic Party knows its future is at stake and has “jumped the shark.”

However, the Republican Party doesn’t have to take over the minority vote. Just a sliver.

  • In 2016, Trump had 30% favorability among Latinos.
  • In 2020, Trump has 32% favorability and growing with Latinos.
  • In 2016, Clinton had 66% favorability with Latinos.
  • In 2020, Biden has 62% favorability, and is struggling with Latinos.

While that doesn’t translate into votes, it’s a trend that we can’t ignore. It’s not just Latinos, but black American’s too.

Let’s look at the battleground state of Florida:

  • In Florida, Trump has 11 percent favorability, and in 2016 it was only eight percent.

The numbers are trending up slightly, but the mainstream media ignores it because it flips the narrative 180 degrees. Remember, 2016 was close; thus, Trump’s small gains, if turned into votes, could devastate the Democrat Party, including down-ballot.

It’s why Democrats and the mainstream media have ratcheted up the hate. For the first time, they risk a small but significant loss of their minority base. Long-term, this could destroy them, but only if Republicans take advantage and sadly, I have doubts!

This year, 2020, is a year where many Latinos and minorities see the truth. The riots and protests help Trump because they’re now seeing the Democratic Party’s true face. One that supports violence, looting, and murder while forgiving racist and fascist groups.

Latinos: Diversity and the Nuclear Family

One more reason the Democratic Party’s goals are failing with my people. Latinos are the most diverse culture in America. You will find more mixed families in a Latino household than any other culture or race. Democrats have wrongly assumed we’re short and brown – furthest from the truth.

We come in every color, from white to black. We’re straight to gay. We’re poor to rich, and we run the gamut. My family’s an excellent example – white, black, Chinese, Japanese, and who knows what else. That’s just going back 1.5 generations!

  • What’s important is our family bond, values, faith in God, and more that unites us – not our skin color.

Another key difference is that we believe in the nuclear family, whereas the Democratic Party is trying to destroy it as they’ve been doing to black America. Our diversity is our strength and why the Democratic Party will struggle to make us monolithic.

Future Debates?

I’m still not sure we’ll see more presidential debates as Biden’s supporters and the mainstream media don’t want them. If they happen, Trump must go in as he did with the Clinton debates and understand and follow the rules. It’s to his benefit. Keep pointing out the bias, ask and demand answers, and so on. Trump will be Trump, it’s who he is, but he’ll lose if he repeats his first debate performance.

Unlike the first debate, he must take advantage of missed opportunities. As an example, wait for Biden to call him racist and reel off with Biden’s racist comments on minorities with policies he’s helped draft and create that hurt mostly minorities like the 1994 Crime Bill.

Trump must do this in a way that highlights his achievements – pointing out the unemployment numbers before the pandemic – talking about real social justice with his First Step Act. Reminding minorities, he guaranteed to fund HBCUs more than any other president. However, most importantly, remain the alpha male because I believe it’s not just Latinos but also black Americans and women who will gravitate toward that.

Trump needs to show off his accomplishments, and if he does it right, he’ll also be exposing Biden’s 47 years of minimal to zero accomplishments. If he does that he’ll continue to peel away Latino and black voters from the Democratic Party.

William Del Pilar is politically active, currently sitting on the Valley Center Community Planning Group (VCCPG). As an entrepreneur, Del Pilar drove his fantasy sports company to set the standard for analysis and news distribution, helping to commercialize the industry from 1997-2008. You can follow William on Twitter where he posts daily on fantasy sports and politics.


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