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Voice: Morning Report: Jackson Not Running in 2012 for SD Unified

NCTimes: Stocks again in line for SANDAG chair — Our own Rostrafarian, Jerome Stocks

SDNR: And then there was one — Emerald running unopposed in District 9

SDUT: Little intrigue in county supervisor races

SDUT: Mayoral candidate Fletcher served in Iraq, Africa

SDUT: For Bilbray, no sign of shift to center

Patch: La Mesa Councilman Dave Allan Plans Run for AD 79

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  1. Grrr…….

    I gotta say what spoils my morning coffee is seeing that Emerald ((SDNR) AND (according to Voice) Evans over at San Diego Unified are drawing free passes.

    OK, I get that it is a hard slog. Unwinnable even. But the party does SO MUCH BETTER when it can find people to run in these non-partisan races even if it is a steep climb without much chance of winning.

    Couldn’t the Central Committee consider SOME sort of means to try to invest in a long-term candidate recruitment effort? Not really THAT hard – some member communication, use “rostarian” like volunteers to hold some politics/policy 101 seminars and provide some pro-bono support when it comes to filing, financing, etc. Hard work. Hand to mouth. Tougher to fund raise but a model where that is a long-term effort would do far more good than intercine warfare over mayoral and county supervisor endorsements.

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