Latest mayor mail: Lincoln Club brings Karl Rove into the mix

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The Lincoln Club mail continues unabated…

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To see all the 2013 mail from the Lincoln Club, click here.


We reiterate:

Readers of Rostra may falsely believe we won’t post mail from other candidates or PACs. That would be an incorrect assumption.

The interest here is in what is being mailed and advertised. Yes, we are center-right, but political machinations are of a high interest to those who frequent the site. We are certainly not afraid of posting here what thousands of San Diegans are seeing elsewhere.

But, it has to be provided to us.

At this point we have to assume no one else is doing any mail.


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  1. A pick-up truck. How stereotypical. Is it obvious that the Lincoln Club is trying to discredit Fletcher with the “yuppie indie” crowd?

    I know a lot of Democrats who drive trucks and support the Second Amendment (and support Obamacare and AB32). They confuse me but they know who they are. This ad will make them like Fletcher.

    This is going to backfire.

  2. Disagree. That is a great piece to send to double D households (or independents the mail house thinks lean D)

  3. Double Dem HHs with those who voted in at least three of the last four, it’s compelling. I also believe the truck is the exact same make, model and color of Nathan’s truck, but he can text me if I’m off base on that.

  4. So what should Republicans do with “a trusted conservative with an extreme right-wing record?”

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    Yes, the mailer will gain Fletcher Republican voters in all of the Republican house holds receiving it.

    Are you serious?

  7. Of course, the point is that whatever Fletcher tells you he supports today, he could very well oppose tomorrow. His only consistency is his INconsistency. Republicans got burned by this, and Democrats should be made aware how unreliable Fletcher’s commitment to supporters’ positions is.

    Say, isn’t that an old Nat King Cole song? — “Unreliable, that’s what you are.”

  8. T.A.,

    And no Democrats heard Romney’s “47%” comment because he only made the comment in front of strong Republican backers. The question is “Are you serious?”

    The fact that this mailing was posted on Rostra probably means every Republican in San Diego has already seen it. 🙂

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