Larry Wilske Calls For A Unified “Victory Strategy” in the 53rd CD Campaign.

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I received this email from Congressional candidate Larry Wilske today.  Please note that I endorsed Wilske for Congress in January, 2014:

We Republicans face a challenge in the 53rd Congressional District which CAN be overcome if we, a unified Republican Party is willing to align with a single candidate to face Susan Davis.  I want to be that candidate..  I believe my principles, experience, and commitment make me the only Republican who can defeat Susan Davis this November.  As the only full-time candidate in this race however, I have discovered that the path to Congress, for a Republican, is to appeal to all voters in the District with a platform based on Constitutional principles; principles which the independent and Democratic voters cherish as much as Republicans do . 

It’s about being a victory candidate rather than a vanity candidate.  Crafting a strategy to make the run-off makes for good stories to tell your grandchildren but executing a strategy to win, in a District with a lopsided voter registration, will take the discipline exhibited in the recent Mayoral election.  Mayor Kevin Faulconer taught Republicans how to win in this sort of environment and I intend to lead with the same “One San Diego” strategy in the 53rd CD race.

I just got off the phone with the Chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County and pledged to our party that I will be supporting whomever the Central Committee decides to endorse on April 14, 2014.  I ask that all the candidates make the pledge that I made to our Party and you.

Don’t take this decision as anything other than a victory strategy for our Republican Party.  As a thirty-year veteran of the SEAL teams, I understand that some campaigns, be they political or combat, require a commitment of many individuals acting as one cohesive unit.  I’ve placed my trust in teammates before and I’ll place my trust in the savvy, committed volunteers who serve on the RPSDC Central Committee.  The Committee will evaluate who has the best plan to defeat Davis in November–I believe that I have that plan.

The “Mayor Faulconer/ One San Diego” strategy can win in the 53rd Congressional District.  Susan Davis is vulnerable because of her fealty to partisan politics and job-killing legislation for which she voted.  This November, 2014 election is too important to pursue a vanity strategy in the 53rd CD.  We must develop a victory strategy today or we run the risk of a Susan Davis/Todd Gloria dynasty in a District which is open to Republican ideas now.

I’ll stand by the decision and support the RPDSC-endorsed candidate in the 53rd CD.  I call on the Committee to make that decision clear on April 14, 2014.

In Liberty,

Larry A. Wilske
Candidate for Congress in California’s 53rd Congressional District
Command Master Chief Petty Officer, USN, SEAL  (Retired)


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  1. Larry Wilske is looking more and more like the candidate to beat. As much as I’d want him to win over Davis, I am realistic that CD 53 is rated by Cook PVI as D+10. I certainly think Larry is more of a culturally in-touch candidate than previous GOP nominees for CD53, and I appreciate his outreach to groups such as the Log Cabin Republicans. I think he’ll hit the mid 40% range come November. Best of luck Larry.

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