Largest Trade Association in San Diego to Endorse DeMaio at News Conference

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San Diego Association of REALTORS® endorsement arrives on the heels of DeMaio’s first-place finish in the June Primary Election and five months before the November General Election


Tuesday, June 19 2012               Contact: Tony Manolatos, 619.549.0137

  • What: San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR) to endorse Councilmember Carl DeMaio for San Diego Mayor
  • When: Wednesday, June 20 at 11AM
  • Where: SDAR Kearny Mesa Service Center, 4845 Ronson Court, San Diego CA 92111

Donna Sanfilippo, SDAR’s Board President, said: “Carl DeMaio has fought for small businesses at City Hall, and he has led a reform effort that will lead to more jobs, better roads, stronger communities and safer neighborhoods throughout San Diego. That’s important to the 12,000-plus members who make up the San Diego Association of REALTORS®. We are the City’s ambassadors and we’re looking forward to working with Carl to improve America’s Finest City. We’re proud to support him.”

Carl DeMaio, councilmember and mayoral candidate, said: “I’m honored to receive the support of SDAR. My vision for San Diego is a city government that is responsive to the needs of our small businesses, the job creators who fuel our local economy. I’m thrilled to have REALTORS® as part of our coalition to bring reform to City Hall.”

The San Diego Association of REALTORS® is dedicated to preserving private property rights and to promoting and protecting the business interests of its REALTOR® members. SDAR’s membership stands at more than 12,000, making it the largest realtor’s association in San Diego County and one of the largest in California. You can follow SDAR on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: SDAR is a client of mine.


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  1. I have previously posted in my real name, but it is very clear so many people post comments without their real names and decided to now follow them.

    So, let’s be honest on the press release:

    1) The SDAR has only supported a Democrat when they had no real challenger from the Republican Party. So, this is no real surprise on the endorsement of a Republican versus a Democrat.

    2) Their own gov’t relation’s person was past National Young Americans for Freedom leader, aka Republican youth group leader. Check out his videos. Republicans will like his monologues.

    3) What is interesting about the realtors is they have each year donated to Democrat Bob Filner in the tens of thousands of dollars over 15-plus years for his positions they now oppose. If you look at the past donations on the FEC website for Congressman Bob Filner, then you will find the National Association of Realtors has supported him at least since 1997 through his announcement for Mayor. Last year they gave him money! Interesting he was good for at least 15-years plus worth of donations of good legislating by our local realtors. Was the past money a mistake or did his position change overnight?

    4) There are hundreds of realtors who don’t support the SDAR endorsements, because of their sole partisan tilt. Just comb through the donations of Democrats opposed by the SDAR and you will see their names. So, this big announcement represents a small hand full of realtors and not the entire group.
    – How many realtors actually give yearly to the PAC?
    – How many realtor companies give yearly to the PAC?
    – Is the 12,000 plus realtors paying membership fees to SDAR or are they the companies who count the realtors under their roof?

    5) Can you point out where you can back up the claim that the SDAR is the largest trade association in San Diego? Just asking.

    I don’t expect ANY of the above points to be responded to in any reasonable way or manner, but someone had to ask the questions the non-GOP people reading this blog have when reading this post, but won’t ask to deal.

  2. “My two cents” (what is so bad about using your name???) points out past association contributions to Filner, strongly inferring that these gifts were for his POLICIES.

    Nahhh. That’s extortion money. And access money. It is not “agreement” money.

    Most trade associations and corporations give money to WINNERS, and to INCUMBENTS of both parties. It has little to do with their policies or ideologies.

    But then, you KNEW that, didn’t you — our new anonymous person?

  3. One HUGE difference between the SDAR PAC for local candidates and “My two cents” preferred special interest — the labor unions.

    This SDAR PAC is funded entirely with VOLUNTARY donations. If a Realtor doesn’t support SDAR endorsements for local offices, they don’t have to contribute.

    But the UNIONS have MANDATORY “PAC” contributions from all members, REGARDLESS of their personal preference — a.k.a. union dues. The unions can even levy extra assessments on the members, again via mandatory payroll deduction.

    This funding mandate must be galling to the many Republican labor union members who are forced to support Filner and his fellow travelers.

  4. “This SDAR PAC is funded entirely with VOLUNTARY donations. If a Realtor doesn’t support SDAR endorsements for local offices, they don’t have to contribute.”

    That’s true…for now. One of the problems with the REALTOR cartel is that, to get access to the MLS, one must join a local Association (and NAR). SDAR amounts to being a soft labor union but Richard is correct; PAC contributions aren’t mandatory….at the local level.

    Last year, the NAR passed a “dues increase” to fund “The REALTOR Party”:

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