LA Times: Democratic clash — Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins to challenge Sen. Marty Block

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As her tenure as Assembly speaker winds to a close, Toni Atkins is preparing for her next major political battle: intra-party combat.

Atkins is taking on state Sen. Marty Block for his San Diego seat, a highly unusual challenge in a political culture that privileges — and fiercely protects — incumbents.

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    From Twitter: @ToddGloria: Spkr Atkins is a leader of integrity w/ the vision & experience to move San Diego & CA forward. I am proud to endorse her for State Senate.

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  3. I thought Plescia was a good candidate in ’12, but it was such a bad year for Republicans turnout wise and with no financial support, he was DOA. I do hope we have a credible candidate for next year, because while it’s a long shot for victory, after a bruising primary, we could have a shot, it’s happened before. But more importantly, no Republican or conservative should have to choose between Toni Atkins or Marty Block.

  4. I think “winds to a close” is a generous description of what the Assembly Democratic Caucus really did– terminate her for incompetence.

    Rather than use her leadership position, to focus on the important issues facing this state, Atkins squandered it on “social justice” causes and a narrow advocacy. Who cares about whom can use which bathroom if the water isn’t running?

    It is my sincere hope that this charlatan is retired from politics forever.

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