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  1. Local Ds are probably loving that the Rs are cannibalizing each other. This shows what a mess the local party is. Joel Anderson has so much baggage you can bet Jacob will exploit that. He should stay in relative obscurity in his low profile post. He doesn’t have any accomplishments to run on except for divesting the state’s securities from Iranian interests. That’s not exactly something that’s hard to achieve.

  2. I agree with Mr. Maxwell. While Supervisor Jacob may have butted heads with local party leadership, I see no compelling reason to run another candidate against her. She’s done a good job and she’ll have my vote.

  3. Sadly, Anderson has shown himself to be the kind of politician that keeps the voters home on election day. By now I should know better that “public serivice” means “me first” to far too many. Our donation is on its way, Dianne. You are one of the very few “community first” people out there. You walk the talk, and you don’t sell out.

  4. Dianne Jacob is the only Politician Who ever returned a phone call in person about 20 years ago and continues Her daily fight to help us in East County. As far as I am concerned She does twice as much as these young politicians and I will vote for Her for another 20 years. She is the eveready bunny, just keeps going.
    Bill Coffey

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  6. “Local Ds are probably loving that the Rs are cannibalizing each other. This shows what a mess the local party is.”

    —“Swift Justice” on the Jacob-Anderson race (above)

    “Local Rs are probably loving that the Ds are cannibalizing each other. This shows what a mess the local Dem party is.”

    —Me on the Toni Atkins-Marty Block race (just now)

    Touché. Politics is politics. And personalities. All parties. All the time. And every time two people of the same party run against each other, someone says that party is a mess. YAWN.

    I’m more interested in the issues that differentiate candidates and their relative prospects for success, than I am willing to get all atwitter about candidates choosing to exercise a right.

  7. I agree with most of the comments above. I think Anderson will try to drum-up support by “running to the right” of Dianne as the county’s closest-thing-we-have-to-a-tea-party-candidate. However, his ability to pull this off will (I hope!) be frustrated by two salient facts:
    1) Local–city and county–offices are conspicuously less partisan than their state and national counterparts. Most of us understand that these are, above all, hands-on jobs that depend for their success on the office holder’s responsiveness to, and ability to help with specific issues. At this, Dianne has excelled. I’ve talked with people all over the county and their responses are virtually uniform: Dianne gets a big thumbs-up.
    2) For a so-called conservative, Anderson’s jumped on some peculiarly progressive bandwagons, including the kinds of massive, Obama and Jerry Brown mandated solar and wind farm projects that are popping-up all over the county. Given that these Federally subsidized monstrosities destroy the landscape and small nearby communities, threaten protected plants and animals, jack-up already sky-high power rates, make very little power proportionate to their cost, and rely on the development of numerous coal and oil “peaker plants” to supply power when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining, it’s amazing that they’d get a second glance from anyone but a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat.
    But, there you have it: utopian power plans being pushed along–very much at the expense of our county and its residents!–by prominent local Republican Joel Anderson.
    We can do better.

  8. Barry Jantz: Just because the local Dems are an unholy train wreck, shouldn’t give the local GOP an excuse to be one too. The local GOP should aspire to put good servants in seats, notwithstanding whatever tripping over each other the Dems are doing. Most politicians are like diapers and need to be changed regularly. Jacob is the rare exception– deeply beloved by her constituents and still fighting like a mother grizzley bear to protect their interests. Craig Maxwell has it right. Jacob has picked so many fights with SDG&E and their stranglehold on the region, it’s the utility that’s backing Anderson because they know he has virtually no record of winning battles and will go along as their puppet, protecting their monopoly. Meanwhile, Jacob has been fearless about calling their bluff. They’ve been gunning for her forever but it ain’t gonna happen because the people love her.

  9. Senator Anderson is great for East County and will become the Best County Supervisor once we retire His opponent who has tried to limit our 1st Amendment Rights and weakened our Real Estate Property Rights.
    Huge supporter of retiring that RINO and replacing her with a great gentleman like Senator Anderson

  10. Good points, “Swift.”

    I might add that it’s hard to see Jacob’s occasional opposition to the local party as anything but a virtue.

    They’re a seriously compromised group.

  11. How ironic that Hector would raise the issue of campaign contributions when his favored candidate is a known fund-raising cheat.

  12. I don’t think the local party is in disarray, no more than the national party is. Decisions on candidates are difficult when there are two good conservatives (or more at the national level).

  13. Hector Gastelum: you live in Chula Vista. Or, at least you did when you made an unsuccessful bid there for the Chula Vista City Council 2014. You won’t be retiring anybody in San Diego County’s Second District because it does not encompass Chula Vista. The County has district elections, not at-large elections. Your Supervisor is Greg Cox. I expect any local GOP candidate, even a failed one, to know this very elemental fact. Do keep up.

  14. “No more than the national party,” Kristine? (Laughing…) Could the bar be set any lower?

  15. Which of these two candidates is more likely to foster a political climate wherein lawfully armed citizens aren’t going to be used as political fodder for others standing for election at the local level?

    I for one believe its time for us to be more circumspect about the core convictions of the candidates we support – both Republican and Democrat alike.

    Which one has the best record on the Second Amendment?

    Which one has stood up for the Constitution?

    Sheriff Gore and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis are quick to laud the Bill of Rights but when the rubber meets the road, they’ve been quick to throw more than a few legally armed citizens under the bus.

    If we truly want meaningful leadership during these tumultuous times, its simply not enough to replace the Sheriff or the District Attorney.

    We need a vastly more holistic approach.

    Fundamentally, in the 21st century we need a San Diego County Board of Supervisors who respects the whole Constitution; its a gourmet meal not a cafeteria.

    Unfortunately, few seem to truly understand that.

  16. “You won’t be retiring anybody in San Diego County’s Second District because it does not encompass Chula Vista.”

    That’s a pretty naive statement. Ask any candidate who has been on the receiving end of Munger-funded attack ads.

  17. Anderson will have the support of the party, Dianne will have the support of the people.
    That should tell you most of what you need to know.

  18. I dislike the prospect of one less female conservative official, especially as a supervisor, since the board is often maligned by liberals for being too old, white and male. Merit always wins my vote in the end, however, and I would not underestimate Sen. Anderson’s support among the people. He has done well working his district also. He has an army of former interns who think very highly of him and might just be willing to hit the pavement come GOTV time, myself included.

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