KGTV 10 News: DOJ investigating Filner

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Mitch Blacher at 10News notes the “Department of Justice will investigate a $100,000 donation made to the city of San Diego in exchange for public land, according to sources inside the DOJ”…

Other news stories…

Feds ask about $100K payment

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    Great investigative work by City Beat.

    Former City of San Diego DSD Director Tom Story of Sunroad hired his own private Building and Fire Code Consultant to write the Civil Engineer’s report instead of Development Services Department (DSD) staff, and bypassed the City’s Real Estate Asset Department (READ) on the annual lease negotiation terms for public park easements.

    The shadiest part is that Tom Story of Sunroad wrote the Staff report and intentionally left out Page 4 of 7 of Council Policy 700-06 that deals with the annual Lease payments for Encroachments on City Property. The City Council relied on this incomplete report at the City Council’s Land Use and Housing Committee.

    Including annual lease costs for the easements, and the requirement to go through DSD and READ Mayoral Staff. This is evidence of purposeful fraud, and the smoking gun.

    “D. Fees and Costs.
    1. It is the City’s policy that the Permittee shall pay an encroachment authorization fee established to recover costs associated with processing the request for encroachment authorization, and with monitoring, inspection or installation of the encroachment where appropriate. In addition, the City shall require payment of an annual encroachment fee which will include a reasonable charge for use of City property and recovery of annual inspection cost.

    E. Development Permits. It is the City’s policy that departments which issue development permits shall be aware of City property interests and may not issue permits for development which encroaches on City property without proof from the Permittee that written authorization has been obtained from the Permit Issuing Authority.”
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  2. The Federal FBI Investigation should also Include City Attorney Jan Goldsmith for allowing the original gifting of public assets to Sunroad.

    City Council President Todd Gloria and Lori Zapf for putting the item on the agenda without going through correct channels for leases of public easements. By passing both Development Services Department (DSD) and the Real Estate Assets Department (READ) under control of our Strong Mayor Filner.

    And the rest of the City Council for not insisting on an analysis by the City’s Independent Budget Analyst (IBA) before relying on legal advice by the Originating Department, the Office of the City Attorney, that there were no Financial consideration for the City Council vote.

  3. Richard,

    For those of us not blessed with your amazing intellect, please explain that last analogy. Who is the bank, what is the money and who is committing the robbery?

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