Kevin Faulconer is Running for Mayor

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Councilman Kevin Faulconer is running for Mayor of San Diego, not to eliminate Nathan Fletcher.  Let’s let that sink in.

Faulconer earned 43.6% of the vote (with 99% counted).   Those results are unofficial.  It looks like Councilman David Alvarez will face Faulconer in the run off as, at the time I am writing this, he has a comfortable enough lead over Fletcher.  Many Republicans are rejoicing that Fletcher lost rather than figuring out just how hard the run off may be.

I think that is a mistake.  The election should be about winning back City Hall rather than exacting vengeance against someone who switched political parties.  This campaign was a nasty one with a lot of negative campaigning against Fletcher.  I get it– it had to be done.  Many Republican voters didn’t know about Fletcher switching parties nor his “flexible” principles.  Still, I know more than a few Republican and right-leaning, Independent voters who cast their ballot for Fletcher.  Faulconer will need those votes to win this election.

I don’t underestimate that San Diego has a Democratic registration advantage, that more money was donated to Alvarez and Fletcher than Faulconer, that Big Labor can provide Alvarez with a ground game (and money), and that the Democrats will unify behind one candidate in the run-off.  That presents a mathematics problem from where I sit today.

I don’t want to take anything away from Kevin Faulconer’s campaign.  Kevin did a good job of staying on message, not getting dragged down into the mud, and highlighting his experience and steady leadership.  The run off election however, will be painted as a David v Goliath contest and David Alvarez plays a pretty good David.  Alvarez is smart, likeable, principled, and (in my opinion) wrong on just about every policy issue.

Voters don’t vote AGAINST people as much as they vote FOR candidates.  Kevin should run FOR Mayor of San Diego and his supporters would do well to communicate why Kevin is the better man for the job. Beating up on a David is one way to get a rock hurled at you.

Let’s keep our eye on the prize.


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  1. It’s good to see that someone on this board has the sense to spend this morning worrying about how to beat Alvarez, rather than simply celebrating the demise of Nathan Fletcher’s political career. But while the Lincoln Club obviously had enough money to destroy Fletcher to the point where they got Faulconer an opponent that he can possibly beat, I’ll be interested to see if they have enough money to compensate for the damage that has been inflicted on the center-right coalition by the party’s scorched earth endorsement process. Donna Frye also had 43% in the 2005 primary.

  2. …think Brian has pretty much nailed it; last night the mob celebrating Alvarez’s success had a slogan: “si, se puede!’ and what’s Kevin got? “If you liked Jerry, you might like me too…maybe”

  3. Here is a breakdown of San Diego City voter registration. Is there some part of “We need to reach out to and reclaim those DTS voters” that the Republican Party has turned off and desperately needs, that they don’t understand? Duh!

    Total San Diego City Voter Registration: 683,370

    Democrat: 27,2785 40%
    Republican 18,1469 27%
    NPP (DTS) 19,3832 28.%

  4. Post

    From Doug Porter at SDFP–

    “The (not-so) secret to his success was an army of volunteers going door-to-door. Incremental increases in voter turnout in areas of the city long neglected by ‘consensus’ politicians have changed the political landscape of this city. Add this to the generally leftward drift of the California electorate and smart technologies and you have a much higher probability of winning.”

    This will ultimately be the challenge–getting people to the polls. Republican volunteers need to want this election as bad as the Labor folks do. The very passion which defeated Prop D and supported Comprehensive Pension Reform needs to be channeled into the run off.

    We need a home-grown army of volunteers to win elections

  5. If there is a negative play to be made in this runoff, it should highlight the systemic dishonesty in the Democratic Party leadership that allowed Filner to be elected. People must be be angry at how they were blatantly deceived. Centrist Dems should be reminded that they cannot simply trust that “D” next to their candidate’s name. I think a contrast ad between San Diego and the one party rule cities that have gone bankrupt, remain on the brink, or are mired in stagnation would also do well to sway the social liberal/ fiscal realist. Crazy thing…I learned about strategy in Fletcher’s campaign class, I suppose that makes my thoughts suspect in their value to facilitate a win.

  6. Post

    “If there is a negative play to be made in this runoff, it should highlight the systemic dishonesty in the Democratic Party leadership that allowed Filner to be elected”

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. The San Diego County Democratic Party and the Labor Council showed poor judgement in the Filner fiasco and voters should know that.

    “I learned about strategy in Fletcher’s campaign class, I suppose that makes my thoughts suspect in their value to facilitate a win”

    Not at all. You Leah are one of the volunteers we need to inspire.

  7. Why exactly is Faulconer better? I was originally going to vote for Faulconer this week, but everything that I saw about him was about which leftist causes he supports and how embarrassed he is to have Republican support. And how he likes to make deals with anyone. Sounds exactly like Fletcher (who, I was duped into voting for for Assembly). Faulconer didn’t get my support in the election this week and won’t get it in the runoff if he can’t come up with some reason for me to give it to him.

  8. Greg: It’s interesting that you bring this up. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a very influential Christian Conservative leader before the last De Maio- Filner election. He predicted that Carl would lose. He told me that by a HIGH percentage, Christian Conservatives were NOT voting for anyone in the mayoral election and this would tip the election to Filner. They hated Filner because he was such a leftist. They didn’t care that Carl was gay, but he was not neutral on the issue of same sex marriage so they could not vote for him. I think that Kevin Faulconer will have the same problem. His support of same sex marriage and his pro-choice views will be a HUGE issue with Christian Conservatives, including Catholics, Evangelical Christians, and Mormons, and guarantee that they stay home and NOT vote in the Feb. election.

  9. Dan:

    I think that Faulconer’s problems are much worse than De Maio’s. Not only does Faulconer have a bunch of leftist baggage (in addition to the ones that you’ve mentioned, his support of Jerry Brown’s gun control laws is the most egregious as far as I’m concerned), but he is also actively trying to distance himself from the people he needs to strongly support and volunteer for him. Further, De Maio was a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and reform. Which is why I strongly supported De Maio. What does Faulconer have like that?

    Then again, Faulconer has the advantage of coming after the FIlner scandal, so that may save him. But he’ll have to do it without my support.

  10. Dan,

    My fear exactly. Same reason I could not, nor did scores of my colleagues/friends/acquaintances, vote for him. This is the biggest “no brainer” in the history of mankind, yet some how, starting with the NRCC down to the RPSDC CC believe some how, with glitz, glam, and air time, thousands of people that did not vote for DeMaio for mayor will suddenly be awestruck and change their view of his positions now that he is running for Congress.

    They will not.

    The success of the 2010 Republican resurgence was because of one clear fact; Conservatives showed up in droves because they finally had candidates running that actually had positions, values, and tenants that reflected their political views…what a novelity.

  11. to paraphrase Harry Truman, in a race between a genuine Democrat and a Democrat in Republican clothing, people will pick the genuine Democrat everytime –advantage Alvarez

  12. Dear Councilman Faulconer,

    Just a couple of quick questions:

    What do you think about any kind of bargaining with the Chargers and the city regarding a new stadium?

    Would you, as a “strong mayor”, relieve the sheriff of the duty of issuing CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) Permits for law abiding citizens?

    Thank you,

    George F. Berger
    San Diego 92104

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