Join the Campaign for the San Diego Competition Ballot Measure

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Be Part of the Campaign to Impose Reform on San Diego City Hall

Dear Friends:

Thanks to you our citizens campaign to bring real change to San Diego city government is producing spectacular results. 

Countless San Diegans stepped forward to help over the past five months, and as a result we will soon turn in our signatures to guarantee qualification of the San Diegio Competition Ballot Measure. 

Our next step is putting together our city-wide campaign team.  Can you help with any of the following tasks? 

We are selecting 50 campaign “co-chairs” to cover each neighborhood of San Diego (e.g. Point Loma, Kensington, Downtown, etc.), and organize different constituencies (Latinos, Young Professionals, Women, etc.)  Duties include outreach to groups and leaders and hosting a small gathering for the target constituency.  Would you consider serving as a campaign co-chair? 

Would you be willing to host a small gathering at your house for your neighbors and friends between July 15 and the November election?  Ideal size gatherings range from 15-25 people.

If you have a social media page, would you be willing to serve as one of our “Virtual Precinct Captains” to help spread the word about the ballot measure?

Can we place a small lawn sign in your yard starting October 1 and leading up to the election?

Finally, can we use your name as an endorser of the ballot measure?  Please take a moment to register your endorsement at

San Diegans deserve a city government that is efficient, open, and accountable. 

The San Diego Competition Ballot measure is critical to reforming our city government.  With your help, we can make change happen at City Hall!

Thank you,

Councilmember Carl DeMaio

PS: If you have any more signed petitions for the ballot measure, please drop them in the mail and return them to the campaign office no later than Friday, May 28.


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