Joel Anderson to Governor Brown: Please be accountable and govern

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Sen. Anderson questions Governor’s astonishing actions after Brown name-calls a reporter, grabs the reporter’s cell phone, and refuses to acknowledge documentation revealing Caltrans employees making booze-runs in state-rented trucks

State Capitol – Senator Joel Anderson (R – Alpine) today fired off a letter to Governor Brown concerning the most recent incident in a series of scandals at his Department of Transportation  – an investigative report by CBS 2 (Los Angeles) documenting Caltrans employees using state-rented trucks to buy booze and for other personal uses.

The link below to the CBS 2 investigative report not only reveals the possible criminal activities by Caltrans employees but also shows Governor Brown calling the reporter “a thug” and grabbing the reporter’s cell phone.

Anderson’s letter to the Governor (copied to the Attorney General) is below.  This letter follows previous letters Anderson has written to the Governor as well as several conversations they have had over the last two years concerning ongoing criminal activities and mismanagement at Caltrans.

“If Governor Brown continues to refuse to hold Caltrans accountable to the taxpayers, then he should not expect us to increase our own taxes,” said Anderson.  “It is reasonable to expect the Governor to act wisely with our tax money, like a good steward, before we trust him with additional taxes.”


October 26, 2012

The Honorable Jerry Brown
Governor of California
State Capitol, First Floor
Sacramento, CA  95814

Dear Governor Brown:

Once again, I am having to write to you concerning allegations of serious criminal activity occurring at Caltrans.  I am hopeful that this time, you will take your financial stewardship seriously by ordering an immediate independent investigation.

Specifically, the link below is to a very troubling investigative report broadcast yesterday by the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles.  It shows Caltrans employees using trucks (rented by Caltrans) to purchase alcohol at liquor stores as well as grocery stores, and a variety of other non-state uses:

This is not the first time I’ve made you aware of the gross mismanagement at Caltrans.  Here are some additional examples of past problems your office has ignored:

A mountain of evidence exists demonstrating a deep culture of waste at Caltrans.  It is clear that the department is incapable of managing, let alone investigating itself in any honest way.

Caltrans is out of control and wasting taxpayers’ hard earned dollars.  Your myopic focus and time spent on raising taxes while Caltrans is squandering precious tax dollars is misguided and worrisome.

Governor, all through my term I’ve personally asked for your help to address these issues, even introduced SB 851 as a vehicle calling for the realignment of Caltrans.  This is a department that reports directly to you and your office.  With a stroke of your pen, you can fix it.

Stop wasting precious time accusing an investigative journalist who is exposing corruption of being “a thug,” and let’s work together to make Caltrans both accountable and productive to the taxpayers.

My office is already fielding calls from angry constituents who are asking about the latest scandal at Caltrans, and more importantly, what is being done to hold Caltrans management accountable.

Governor, I would like to report back to my constituents that you are taking immediate action to hold Caltrans accountable.  And, more importantly, you understand that when a state employee steals from the state they are stealing from all Californians and will be punished to the full extent of the law.

It would also give me great pleasure to report that you understand how hard my constituents work from week to week and that you appreciate their sacrifice as a large portion of their pay is taken in state taxes.

Caltrans can be fixed but not if you are oblivious to the problems.

I believed you, when running for Governor, you pledged to serve all Californians, not just special interests.  Well, now is the time for you to make good on your pledge.

Please, Governor Brown tell me what to report to my constituents.

Again, I am imploring you to protect the taxpayers’ investment in our state by stopping the well documented mismanagement and prosecute the criminal activity at Caltrans.


Joel Anderson

PS:  I am sending the Attorney General a copy of this letter along with a request to investigate and prosecute any criminal activity at Caltrans.

CC:  The Honorable Kamala Harris, California Attorney General