“It’ll sure suck when they take away your Porsche!”

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Occupy San Diego has really been a blessing for those of us who enjoy fascinating—albeit degenerate—distractions.

Today I was walking to my office when I saw two (count them, two) protestors posted on the corner of 5th and B, in front of the Wells Fargo building. They were waving their signs at oncoming traffic…and, for whatever reason, they sought validation from me as I approached. (Boy, did they pick the wrong guy.)

One of them said, “Nice suit. It’s not 1 percent, is it?”

Their whole 99 percent vs. 1 percent dichotomy is obviously a fraud, but this statement just didn’t make any sense! I felt like being dismissive, so I just responded, “It sure is.”

They paused for a few seconds as I continued walking past them, and then they started shouting at me, “FOR SHAME! FOR SHAME!” I couldn’t really understand everything else they were shouting, but I did hear, “It’ll sure suck when they take away your Porsche!” I guess I need a 1 percent car to go with my 1 percent suit, right?

Naturally amused, I shouted back, “Nice army of two!” They weren’t so amused. In fact, they may still be shouting at me. Or maybe at some other guy they perceive to be “The Man.”

I’m not sure that I need to spell out the moral of this story, since it really speaks for itself. But, do keep a close eye on your Porsches.

Ryan T. Darby practices law in San Diego. He’s not among the wealthiest 1 percent, but he’s working on it.


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  1. Talk about a non-story.
    You’re obviously not a defense attorney because your defense was nonexistent.
    Secondarily, to sum up an entire movement based on 2 individuals is remarkably uninsightful.
    Thirdly, and most importantly, your website indicates that you practice Constitutional Law.
    As such, shouldn’t you embrace those who are practicing their first amendment right?
    Or does that only apply if they retain you?


    Oh foul deed of making Fun of free range kooks !

    The Rules are (1) They get to freak you out with
    ‘Street Theater’ and (2) If in doubt, see Rule #1.

    So turning the tables, Mr. Darby, and mocking
    them into a temperamental outburst is strictly

  3. Sue: Your comments and the Occupy protests are a non-story. It’s slick Obama at work doing the only thing he does well, class warfare community organizing. The Occupy protests are nothing but Obama diverting attention from his failed Presidency and failed economic policies. If these Occupy people want to protest, they should be at the White House protesting Obama wasting hundreds of billions on his stupid stimulus bills that produced NO jobs.

  4. This whole “movement” as it’s called is wholey based on a covetous ideology. Maybe if they spent more time on working on bettering themselves rather wanting to take away what other people have. They would be able to elevate themselves into a better class citizen.

    Anybody who has more than two brain cells(that isn’t coated in bong resin) knows that this whole “movement” is laughable at best.

  5. This whole Occupy SD is silly at this point. The longer they stay out there without a concrete goal and insignificant crowds, the sillier they look to the average person.

  6. Mole asks?
    Are there conservative/libertarians secretly financing these people? Everyone looks better with a foil.

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