Issa to Fox News on Spending: “Pay it Now and Not Owe It Forward”

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Issa on Spending:  "Pay it Now and Not Owe it Forward

Issa on Spending: "Pay it Now and Not Owe it Forward

Issa Supports Speaker Boehner’s Call to Focus on Growing Private Sector, Not Federal Workforce

“John Boehner like so many people here on Capitol Hill realizes that if you have less government workers and more private sector workers the economy will recover.  If it doesn’t, this $1.6 trillion debt will in fact bankrupt this country, destroy the future for our children and that’s what Speaker Boehner cares about is jobs for our children in the private sector, not current, very generous jobs for federal workers or for that matter lobbyists here in Washington.”

No More ‘Smoke-and-Mirrors’ Budgeting or Gimmick Accounting

“We’ve got to make sure that we put spending on the books and not simply kick it down the road with huge promises that down the road we’re going to give with somebody else’s money.  That’s where politicians have to pay it now and not owe it forward.”


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