Issa announces retirement — “Free for all” to follow? The local reaction.

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“Tony K better start eating his Wheaties…”

from CNBC…

“Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Ca., will not seek re-election later this year, opening up another battleground in the deep blue state as Republicans and Democrats spar for control of the House.

“Issa’s decision to leave Congress follows the announced retirement of Rep. Ed Royce, R-Ca., earlier this week. He announced the move in a statement on Wednesday.”

Read it all here.

“It should be a free-for-all to replace him,” said SD Rostra writer Brian Brady, who knows the North San Diego County political landscape as well as anyone. “I expect no less than a dozen Republicans to show interest. In the end, I think it will be (County Supervisor) Bill Horn versus (State Board of Equalization Member) Diane Harkey.”

Some other local reaction…

Republican Party of San Diego County Chairman Tony Krvaric:

“It’s an institutional loss for the House of Representatives – and our region. We thank him for his service. There is a lot of Republican talent in North County and South Orange County I have no doubt several well qualified candidates will emerge.”

Political Analyst John Dadian:

“Darrell Issa is a great American who fit the model that our founding fathers perceived. He made his mark in business, then as a citizen-politician and now he is returning home. He is a true patriot.”

Herb Morgan, longtime San Diegan and Sr. Managing Director at Efficient Market Advisors:

“Congressman Issa has been an unwavering advocate for American values. His vacancy from congress will leave a significant void.”

Longtime Republican and political guru Michael McSweeney:

“Darrell is an old friend who I admire and respect, San Diego and America is losing an entrepreneurial Congressman. His expertise in understanding how to build a business along with his contacts/diplomacy in the middle east will be hard to replace. The blue-ing of California continues.”

Otay Water Board Member Mark Robak:

“Whether it is the President, a Congressman, or a water board member like me, public service is a sacrifice for business people. That is why most avoid it, as it is too much of a sacrifice. So hats off to Darrell for doing it for 18 years. Besides, we need term limits for Congress anyway!”

Erica Holloway, Republican consultant and founder of Galvanized Strategies:

“Wishing Congressman Issa well and I thank him for his years of public service. These retirements of GOP purple-seatholders may well become a trend this year; ripe for a seat-flipping melee. Tony K better start eating his Wheaties… this year promises to be one long sprint for Republicans.”

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells:

“I have great respect for Congressman Issa. He served his region well; with toughness and integrity. Very big shoes to fill.”

State Senator Joel Anderson:

“I want to express my gratitude to Congressman Issa for his decades of service to our state and our country — both as a member of the US Army and as a Congressman. He took his commitment to his constituents seriously and was never afraid of taking on tough challenges.”

Brian Brady assesses the field and asks a candidate to step up:

The Issa replacement field and an Open Letter To Diane Harkey: Run For Congress


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  1. It has been a pleasure and honor to work for Congressman Issa in various roles over the past 20 years. While he has announced he will not seek reelection in 2018, I am convinced that his time in the public arena will continue in a new capacity.

  2. If Democrats think they can flip this seat, they got something coming to them. Americans are sick & tired of their divisive Identity Politics, victim hood and socialism. That may work in other districts, Not in Issa’s district!

  3. I was never much of a Darrell Issa fan — until the Democrats went bonkers trying to chase him from office. Anyone who irritates the Left that much must have more positive attributes than I observed. Now I’m almost sorry to see him go.

    Perhaps his departure will leave us with a more viable GOP candidate. I suspect that such might indeed be the case.

    Of course, there will be a boatload of candidates from both parties in the primary. That brings into play the “top two” thingy. A bizarre November matchup may well be the result.

  4. Way back in 1998, I vividly remember meeting Darrell Issa when he was running for US Senate. I’ve always admired him, especially for his integrity, authenticity and genuine concern for improving other people’s lives through thoughtful public policy and service to our country. It is fitting that his business success came from building a car alarm to prevent robberies. In Congress, he attempted to do the same thing, especially as Chair of the House Oversight Committee. He fearlessly investigated national scandals, such as the tragic killing of Amb. Stevens in Benghazi, Libya; Pres. Obama using the IRS to attack political enemies; and, Operation Fast & Furious to send guns to Mexican drug cartels to raise the level of violence in US cities in order to create support for US gun control laws. He often went to great lengths to engage a meaningful dialogue even with those bitterly partisan. He was a true statesman and diplomat who gave graciously of his time and commitment. His retirement from Congress is a tremendous loss to San Diego and US Congress, and I look forward to seeing his future efforts as a retired elected official. Many thanks to US Representative Darrell Issa.

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